I Love Hair Removal, And I'm Not Sorry

I don't care if you think it's anti-feminist to want to be hairless. The only hair I like having is the kind on top of my head, and I take great pleasure in removing the rest.
Publish date:
April 19, 2013
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I’d say I’m the hairiest woman in the world, but from the stories my waxer tells me, I know that’s not the case. I’ll settle for being one of the hairiest women in the world.

I blame it on my Indian genes. For every one hair follicle every normal person has, I’m pretty sure an Indian person has 12. And it never stops growing.

That would be OK if I likes looking like an orangutan (they’re so cute-weird!) but I like hair only on top of my head, not to mention the process of hair removal. What was once something so excruciating for me has become something I actually enjoy.

Even Brazilians. I love Brazilians.

I’ve had people tell me how it’s patriarchal governance on my body that has made me obsessive about removing every single strand of hair on my body. And then there are those who say that “adult entertainment” is the reason why women feel pressure to have hair-free ladybits.

Here’s the thing: I don’t really care what you think about my down-theres or the fact that I epilate my body to look Photoshop-smooth.

I do everything: threading on my brows, laser on my underarms, epilating my limbs, and waxing the area in-between those lower limbs.

While I don’t think body hair is dirty, I feel, like the appendix, body hair is vestigial, and I’d rather be without it.

I like my limbs to glisten in hairless glory. I love that I can throw on a bikini without having to make sure something’s peeking out. And despite the fact that I have yeti feet, I take pride in the fact that they’re hairless yeti feet.

It's my body hair, and I can shave it off of me, rip it out of me, and zap it away if I want to.

What about you? Are you as obsessive about hair removal as I am? Does it make you feel any less feminist?