Selfie Of The Day: I Look Like A Clown And I Dare You To Try This Product

I'm not NOT giving something else away today...
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September 3, 2013
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Today I'm wearing a no-label polyester vintage dress that I bought the same day I bought the Betsey Johnson dress in the last post, both from Buffalo Exchange in Austin. I used to get a ton of vintage there, the one in Dallas has THE BEST vintage, though. Try not to buy all of it, I'll be back in December.

I haven't shampooed my hair in five days and am going through really angry withdrawals after my roommate apparently threw out a ton of my products. We're talking Clarins, Davines, Badescu, and some amazing turnip-scented scrub that Faz sent from Singapore. Yep, sucks. I'm coping with high pigtails, as my hair is too dirty with the absence of my Momo shampoo for anything else.

I feel like a clown. A hot clown, but a clown nonetheless. If I knew how, I'd make a video of me cartwheeling into the frame holding a sign announcing the winner of the skanky eyeshadow tulip from the last giveaway, but instead I'll just type it here: congrats, derekgrl! You'll be receiving some shimmery, bronze-y shadows which will probably look just as amazing as that purple lipstick.

Today I'm reluctantly giving away this amazing Bikini & Body Wax Kit from Completely Bare, the hair removal experts. I LOVE at-home waxes, and if it wouldn't be THFV to show me naked from the waist down, contorting on the floor in front of my makeup mirror, I'd write up a little tutorial. Alas, you'll have to figure this out yourself... shouldn't be too hard what with the directions inside.

Show me your current hair situation in the comments, and live in the US and be over 18, and I'll have our associate, the robot, randomly choose a winner.