I Have Clear Skin! And Help Me Figure Out Who This Dude On My Shirt Is

I have something really terrifying and awesome to give away, too.
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September 13, 2013
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Behold, my zit-free face:

I still have scars--do red marks really count as scars? When I think of scars I think permanent. This stuff will eventually clear up, maybe I'll even burn them off with acid.

I've only been washing my face with Shu Uemura's Fresh Pore Cleansing Oil--morning and to remove makeup in the evening--toning with Cucumber Cleansing Lotion, and moisturizing first with Know Your Ingredients' Argan Oil Serum with Vitamin C, then with Clean & Clear's Morning Burst Oil-Free Moisturizer.

Three things about my moisturizing routine:

  • I try to apply the argan oil as soon as possible after rinsing the cleansing oil off so that my skin more readily absorbs it. If a few minutes go by and my skin begins to feel tight, I spritz with some Badescu Facial Spray to soften, and then go in with the argan oil serum.
  • I let the oil serum set in for a few minutes before applying the second moisturizer. Then I let

    that set in for a few more minutes before applying any makeup.

  • Based on nothing, I believe that the second, glycerin-based moisturizer helps seal in the argan oil. It makes sense to my squiggly smushy ball of worms that is my brain and seems to work great. My skin doesn't flake, doesn't get greasy as the day goes on, and most importantly doesn't break out.

At night I skip the moisturizers and use Badescu's Drying Cream all over my face. It's sulfur-based and gentle but keeps my skin from drying out (despite the name; if anything this stuff moisturizes) but also keeps acne from surfacing and turning into zit mounds.

And my skin is pretty great. Also I'm less stressed, so that probably has a lot to do with my skin clearing. And honestly? I drank a lot and partied pretty hard last weekend and my skin looked amazing after. Somebody explain this. You know what? Don't explain because I bet it'll be something like "The alcohol dried your zits out but you're going to have MORE zits in a week and also a hernia. In fact, your guts are probably just going to fall out."


Who even is this guy? He looks like some old dude I used to bone from this angle: upside down and kind of folded. But it's not. Is it a serial killer? A cowboy-type outlaw? A convenience store clerk from Tampa in 1983?

Guess in the comments and post your own selfie and talk (type) about yourself incessantly for at least 30 seconds. Be at least 18 and live in the US and you could win...

Just kidding, it's a normal-sized bottle, just closer to the camera. Special effects! DIY Peter-Jackson*-circa-Bad-Taste-style. (Bad.)

Congrats Pia Bergman! You won those nail polishes from last time!

*thnx circusarah