I Believe In Supplements: Everything Other Than Hair Edition

They can make you even more beautiful by targeting these 4 issues regarding your nails, teeth and skin.
Publish date:
May 31, 2013
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As we discussed in last time, you can address lots of hair issues by taking vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in supplement form. And did I mention that they're good for you? Minor detail.

But it's not just limited to hair. Your nails, skin and teeth can reap all the amazing benefits, too.

So target your specific beauty woes with the following supplement suggestions. Just be sure to consult your doctor before starting any new supplements, silly!


The same B-complex vitamins that give you shiny hair like a pony are just as great for your nails, especially biotin (vitamin H). It plays a key role in your metabolism and helps boost the production of protein--the primary component of hair and nails.

Studies show that biotin can promote healthy nail growth at the cellular level, improving the condition of brittle, splitting or thin nails. Found naturally in foods, it's also available as an oral supplement, and it's been popping up in more and more beauty products, too, like conditioners and nail polishes.


If you have gingivitis or thinning enamel, you're not sentenced to a lifetime of close-mouth smiling. Check your vitamin C, boo.

Antioxidant vitamin C helps the body repair damage and maintain normal functioning, including in teeth and gums.

Oral supplements in pill form are an easy fix. But definitely avoid chewable vitamin C supplements as the ascorbic acid they contain is damaging to enamel.


Both psoriasis and eczema are forms of inflammation in the skin, so it makes sense to turn to a natural anti-inflammatory, right? (Smile and nod.)

Try omega-3s, which may help reduce psoriasis and eczema breakouts. The most potent form of these fatty acids is found in cold-water fish, like salmon, or fish oil supplements like your grandpa takes.

Find the purest form you can afford to avoid stomach upset or nasty-smelling burps.


With time, discoloration appears on the skin in the form of age spots. Or sun spots. Or liver spots. Whatever you call them, they're wack, and they're due to high levels of melanin in the body, triggered by skin damage or hormonal changes.

Once again, vitamin B comes to the rescue--this time, B12. It plays a role in regulating the production of melanin and healthy red blood cells, which are necessary for providing the body with oxygen. B12 can be found in foods, as well as in pill, liquid or shot form.

Do you use any supplements for their beautifying powers? Which ones? Or do you think supplements are bogus?