Give The Gift Of Smelling Like A Hussy

This fragrance set is named after an old beauty that men loved to ride in.
Publish date:
December 17, 2013
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We're very sex-positive at the XO sites--you know that. Shaming doesn't fly around here, and it's not unusual for "slut" to be taken as a compliment in these parts, or at the very least greeted with an indifferent shrug.

But that doesn't mean we didn't raise a collective eyebrow--out of surprise, not judgment--when we recently found out there's a perfume called Hussy.

It's by Merle Norman, a cosmetics brand that's been around since 1931, which is pretty much when "hussy" was the barb of choice for promiscuous ladies.

It turns out, however, that Hussy isn't named for... well... hussies. Disappointing, right?

Here's the story from the company:

Many years ago, Merle Norman’s nephew, J.B. Nethercutt, desperately wanted to purchase a 1934 Packard (of which there were only five in the world) but the owner, Mr. Hussey, refused to sell it to him for any price. J.B. was determined to get it and, as luck would have it, he found one in an abandoned field and bought it. Jack Nethercutt, J.B.’s son and the Chairman of Board and President of Merle Norman, restored it to its original condition in 2008, painted it a beautiful red color and named it in honor of the man who owned the car his father wanted. When the name wouldn't fit on the license plate, he shortened it to "Hussy." (Photography shot with the Canon SL1.)

I know, I have a lot of questions, too; among them, why would anyone name something after the person who wouldn't let them have it, and who the hell finds one of the rarest cars in the world just chillin' in a field?

Anyway, this car inspired Merle Norman's Hussy Collection, which includes red lip products and even an OPI nail polish that match the color of the car.

This is the holiday season, however, and I think nothing would make a more enjoyable gift than the Hussy fragrance gift set; one, because it's a really sophisticated scent, and two, because it's fun to watch people react to seeing the product's name for the first time.

The eau de parfum's blend of florals, amber and fruits adds up to something way less sweet than it sounds. It's sharp and sexy--definitely not a scent for little girls (but the name probably ruled it out as a gift for minors already).

The body cream and shower gel capture the same combination. When the person you give them to is like, "I never use the lotion and body wash that go with a perfume," be like, "Well, you should because it'll make the scent last longer, and also, why are you so ungrateful?" Then stop spending your time and money on that person.

Wait, hold up. I just found out Merle Norman's other perfume is called Décolleté. BRB--gotta go get a bottle and take a photo with all the cleavage.