Why and How I Shave My Face

I finally found a product that lets me keep my face up to my own hairless standards.
Publish date:
September 2, 2015
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Hair seriously skeeves me out. Not so much the kind that springs out of my head but more so my face and body hair. It’s just... there. I get the whole hair-protects-your-body nonsense, but we should have evolved to be hairless by now is all I’m saying.

I totally understand the reasons why anyone would live free and let it all grow out, but I give that a hard pass; instead I trim, shave, and remove any offending hairs that I deem unworthy. As a world champion hair grower, I’ve learned many a trick to taming my abundant locks, but the whole facial-hair thing took years of work starting way back as a youngin’.

In my youth, I was growing a particularly strong mustache, enough to rival the 12-year-old boys', when my mom finally sat me down with a fresh box of Jolen and showed me the ways of facial bleach.

That stuff sucked. And I used it for years. YEARS, PEOPLE. I bleached the center of my uni-brow, moustache, and some mutton-chop action on the sides. After a searing 10 minutes that turned my face bright red for hours to come, I was left with a face full of creepy flesh-toned hair.

Eventually, I decided enough is enough and I started experimenting with other hair removal methods.

So there were the times of waxing, and Nair, and even plucking out my own mustache hairs one by one. All of these didn’t work for me because my sensitive skin would either break out, or it would be red for hours afterwards, and plucking just took way too freaking long. This is when I finally turned to shaving and I’ve never looked back.

I started out with my trusty three-blade Venus, switching to covertly using my brother's cheapie electric razor, but I eventually upgraded to the two in one Braun Silk epil 5.

I originally bought it because I wanted to epilate my legs so I wouldn’t have to shave as often (which it totally rocks at), but I’ve actually gotten more use out of what seemed to be the afterthought of the product: the shaving head.

There are two different shaving bits on the shaving head. The larger side that is covered in the metal mesh is perfect for any mustache hairs. It really gets all the tiny hairs and leaves a perfectly smooth finish. Like, seriously smooth. When I was young and wild and would shave my face with any razor that was near me, I would always end up with some funky stubble. With this, there is zero stubble, no irritation and no razor burn. Big fat win in my book.

The other, smaller side (with the teeth) works more like a traditional electric razor; this is what I use on all the rest of my face and body hair that needs some trimming. I’ve seen a lot of beauty gurus on the Internet sing the praises of little straight razors with a handle for trimming off any peach fuzz. Knowing full well that my shaky hands and general clumsiness would probably end with me slipping and gashing my face, I never even considered buying any of those. My side-of-face hair is just too much for the mesh-covered side, so I’m so glad the teeth-y side was included because it handles denser hair like a champ, with no face-gashing possible.

The only negative is the guide light. It is super-helpful if you, say, wanted to epilate your legs in the dead of night and for whatever reason couldn’t turn on any lights; for normal use, however, it’s more annoying than anything else because you can’t choose to have it turned off. It is so bright that when I’m turning the machine off, I feel like I’m scaring my retinas. But whatever, it’s worth it.

For me, shaving is the only way I can keep my face up to my own hair-free standards without bugging my skin, and I’m glad I finally found a product that can do it all.

  • How do you take care of unwanted hair?
  • Any fellow face shavers (I know you are out there!)?