You Asked: How Do You Take Off Your Makeup Gently But Thoroughly?

I’m sharing my foolproof--and ouch-proof--routine for makeup removal.
Publish date:
March 28, 2014
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You wanted a video of me demonstrating how I take off my makeup, so you got it: all the secrets of my tried-and-true cosmetic removal method (which, if you cannot see below, you can watch here).

A few other things I didn’t have time to mention:

• I apply moisturiser as soon as my face is dry. Usually this is Cerave PM with a teeny little bit of Amlactin mixed in. That is on my doctor’s advice because I’ve been getting KP breakouts on my cheekbone, and I am so not about that life.

• I make sure to apply some Smith's Rosebud Salve to my lips after I’m done washing my face, just to be sure to preserve their exfoliated softness.

• Don’t put a bowl of water on a desk to approximate a sink for a face-washing video. You will make a huuuuge mess. Trust me on this one.

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So, let’s talk: What is your makeup removal routine like? What’s your favourite cleanser? How do you exfoliate? Have any interesting shower shark stories for me?