There's a Right Way to Shave Your Bikini Area, and This Is It

It's taken some trial and error, but I'll be damned if my bikini line doesn't look very pretty these days.
Publish date:
May 1, 2015
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Oh god. I can’t believe I’m writing about my bikini line on the Internet, but here I am.

I promise you, I won’t go into unnecessary detail, and I also promise you that I probably am 5000 shades of red as a write this. But as a journalist who feels it’s my place to better the world, here I am, talking to you about the hairs on my nether regions. This is really serious business.

It's taken some time, but I've finally found a method of tending to my bikini line that actually works. Zero red bumps, soft skin, and, most importantly, no uncomfortable irritation (that is the worst).

I've done the whole wax your hoo-ha thing, but because my hair grows at a ridiculously slow rate, and because it costs nearly $100 to endure awkward small talk while someone rips hairs out of my body with a little too much glee, I am of the shaving camp.

That said, there's some advice here pertaining to waxers, as well.

Bikini Shaving Tips

Tip #1: If you're shaving, save bikini-line grooming for the last step in your shower regimen. This gives your hair time to soften.

Tip #2: Use a brand new razor; never, ever use one on its last leg. Oh, and the more blades, the better.

Tip #3: Exfoliate before and after you shave. You may think you're all good if you exfoliate afterward, but you'll notice a huge difference if you exfoliate before, as well. I recommend something really gentle and unscented, undyed, etc. My favorite is a konjac sponge. As you exfoliate, start guiding all of your hair the same direction.

Tip #4: Apply an unscented, high-lather soap or conditioner. You can also use a shaving cream, but choose one that's gentle and unscented. I let the conditioner set for a couple minutes, then begin shaving. The conditioner softens your hair and the skin, and serves as a nice, lubricating barrier while shaving.

Tip #5: Shave in the direction your hair grows and never against. This lessens your chance of ingrown hairs and irritation.

Tip #6: Rinse your razor frequently as you shave. It will accumulate dead skin, hair and cream/conditioner, so you essentially have a fresh start after each rinse off.

Tip #7: After shaving, exfoliate the area again and make sure all product is completely rinsed off.

Post Care (for Shaving and Waxing)

If your aim is to reduce irritation, ingrown hairs, unsightly bumps, and general discomfort, you've got to do some upkeep in the three to six days between your shaving. Yes, this does require some product investment and some time, but I promise you, it's worth it.

One of the primary causes of ingrown hairs, which in turn causes red bumps and irritation, is chaffing. Another major cause is sharp, dense hairs poking through your skin. The solution, then, is to combat both of these. You can do so several ways.

One option is to use a designated makeup brush to apply baby powder to the area, which will prevent chaffing from your clothes and underwear. You could also use a designated deodorant on the area to do the same thing.

What I've found works best (both as a stand-alone and in conjunction with the above), is a hair-softening/growth-reduction product. My current go-to is Inhibitif Intimate Hydra Gel. Seriously, you guys, it's good. I apply a small amount to my entire bikini line area and let it dry before putting on clothing. This one product has made a huge difference for me, to the point that I'm kind of shocked. Totally worth repurchasing over and over again.

As your hairs get a little longer, you can increase your between-shave-time by using something like Soften Her, which buffs away dead skin and softens your hair as it starts to grow back. I use it once a day, using a light hand, in addition to the Inhibitif gel and shower exfoliating/conditioning.

  • Are you a waxer or a shaver?
  • Have you had any horrendous experiences in the bikini zone department?
  • Any tips you care to share? PLEASE indulge us!