Quick Question: How Much Does Packaging Matter In Your Decision To Buy A Beauty Product?

I hope I'm not as superficial towards men as I am towards moisturizers.
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April 11, 2013
masks, hair, makeup, packaging, Know Your Ingredients

As you already know if you've read all my articles (in other words, if you're my mom), I'm a sucker for packaging. Given the choice between two equal formulas, I will choose the one that's presented in a design-conscious way. I may even choose the slightly inferior of the two if I think it'll look pretty on a shelf.

I don't think it's just artists and designers who can appreciate good design. The only thing I can draw well is faces, but I'll spend hours on thedieline.com drooling over fonts.

I realize that some beauty brands simply put more time, effort and money into formulations than packaging, and ultimately, that's probably the way it should be if they're concerned about creating a quality product. But when I see packaging that's just lazy-looking, I'm more likely to think "They don't care about making a good product" than "They care more about the formula than the packaging." It's a superficial knee-jerk reaction, but even though I'm aware of it, it still drives my purchasing decisions.

Now I'm starting to wonder if this is a metaphor for who I pick on OkCupid.

Anyway, take this Whipped Shea Butter Mask from Know Your Ingredients. This crazy-thick multitasker has SO MUCH potential. You can use it as a mask (duh), a moisturizer, and even a hair conditioner; and it comes in four different scents, including no scent at all. But the jar?

The label isn't totally flush, so there are little air bubbles. The words are smudged, which isn't doing any favors for the Century Gothic font. And while the little KYI logo is pretty cute, it just feels like they put five minutes into the rest of the appearance. I'd probably pass right over it if I saw it in a store; I might even scoff.

So, that brings me to today's Quick Question: How much does packaging matter to you when you're deciding what beauty product to buy?