Living A Lie: I'm A Holistic Coach Who Was Using A Toxic Mainstream Skincare Routine

Then I started taking my own advice to give my skin a REAL healthy glow.
Publish date:
July 25, 2013
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I make my living as a holistic health and nutrition expert, counseling mostly women who want to lose weight, detox bad relationships, poop more, and get gorgeous, glowing skin all through a holistic drugless approach. Who doesn't want all that?

But little did my clients know that although I eat healthy and expound the virtues of a healthy lifestyle--letting them ooh and awe over my glowing complexion--for years I was a secret slave to a not-so-healthy mainstream acne skincare brand.

I was content to spout my holistic advice while soaking up praise for the perfect skin I got from an artificial-ingredient-filled acne scrub.

Like any bad relationship, I had an irrational fear of what would happen without it. Would my face explode into its former pimple-ridden glory? Would my business suffer because I no longer had the glowing skin that my clients aspired to? Who needs health when you have perfect skin?

Despite my trepidation, the fact that I was rubbing formaldehyde on my face twice a day for years won out over my denial.

One night, deep in meditation, after drinking too many ginger kombuchas, it came to me that I needed to nut up and practice what I preach, finding my authentic self and all that karmic jazz.


Now that my old skincare routine was in the garbage, I had to find a new way of retaining the clear skin that years of chemical face wash had given me. My new goal was to make my new skin care routine 100% edible, and not Jessica-Simpson-body-frosting edible. Other than that, it needed to be compatible with my sensitive skin and my even more sensitive bank account.

And now my face is a salad! Really, my new skincare routine breaks down into the ingredients for an amazing salad dressing. Here are the ingredients...

The Fat: Coconut Oil

I don't need to link you to 100 blogs about why coconut oil is a miracle product; you probably already know it's amazing at everything, so just relent and buy a gallon tub of it already.

When I come home covered in subway grime mixed in with sweat and SPF 70 (hi, I'm pale), the only thing that loosens up all that nastiness is my precious coconut oil. To the acne-prone out there who cringe at the thought of rubbing oil on their skin, rest assured that coconut oil is antibacterial, so it actually kills off acne causing germs. I rub it all over my face for as long as I can stand, then wipe it all off with a clean wet washcloth.

The Sweetness: Raw Honey

Raw honey is antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and it's an antihistamine. It's anti-everything you don't want your skin to be.

After my oil cleansing, I cover my face in this delicious raw honey mask. This makes my skin super-soft, too, which is more conducive to getting crap out of my pores instead of stuck inside a pimple.

I know it's time to rinse it off after I've started to lick it off my upper lip. Don't judge me.

The Acid: Apple Cider Vinegar

Your skin needs to be acidic to look good. Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is like lipo for your pores, it makes them teeny tiny, and I've gotten rid of lots of blackheads by swiping my face with an ACV soaked cotton ball every day. My pores are actually teenier now than when using my former formaldehyde-infused routine.

Did I mention this routine is incredibly cheap? About $25 for a 4-6 month supply!

I like to follow up this face routine with a misting of witch hazel or rose water or my current favorite Christine Chin Bio Toner so I don't feel like such a salad.

Because I stopped with all the harsh chemicals, my skin had a chance to detox and eliminate old toxic waste matter resulting in a few bumps. It feels good to be clearing toxins out of my body for good, but I have my moments of freak-out as I stare up close in the mirror in the middle of the night. People still tell me I have great skin, but they don't stare at it that close!

My skin is more in flux now and random bumps pop out here and there, however, more recently, I just upped this routine to two times per day--in the morning as well as in the night--and that consistency has made a huge difference in the clarity of my skin.

It's taken some trial and error to figure out what worked for my skin and honestly I'm still on the journey to take more of my own advice. I'm admittedly still in total denial about what's lurking in my makeup bag and hair products. But so far I'm pretty stoked at my new healthier relationship with my skin.

Perfect skin is an elusive bitch, but at least I'm chasing it the healthy way now.