4 Hemp Seed Oil Products For Acne, Dry Skin & More

Publish date:
February 25, 2015
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Can cannabis cure cancer? It sounds like a pamphlet you might pick up in a health food store--but it’s a real question being explored by scientists. And you have to admit, it wouldn't be the first time the hippies were on to something. (See also: plant-based diets, global warming, dolphins are people, too, and that time all the medicine was in the rain forest.)

Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, has been shown to slow the production of cancer cells, reduce tumor size, and protect skin cells from oxidative effects. As an additive to moisturizers, could it reduce the signs of aging, like fine lines and sun damage? Possibly, but getting true CBD oil, at present, is sketchy at best.

Until fairly recently, it wasn’t even legal to sell or possess hemp oil in all 50 states. To be clear, this is hemp seed oil--pressed from seeds of the marijuana plant, not CBD oil, which is extracted from cannabis flowers. Although the former has nearly non-existent levels of THC (the psychoactive compound that makes sh*t Kanye says seem profound) it was still highly regulated, which made it expensive.

Between the steep price and the negative associations with an illicit drug, hemp seed oil has mostly been used in small niche markets, until recently. With so many pending legalizations, both hemp and CBD oil are poised to be the next hot skin care ingredients. And no, it won’t show up on a drug test.

Nutiva Hemp Oil

If you like to DIY your own products, you must get this. You can add it to your lotion, your smoothie, or just slick it directly onto your body. Lucky for us, recently relaxed import rules have made the price of raw, cold-pressed, organic hemp oil cheap as chips, compared to other oils. It’s high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and scores a zero on the comedogenic scale, so it won’t exacerbate acne.

Filthy Philosopher Soap

Filthy Farmgirl has been churning out delightful bar soaps for over a decade. Handmade with top quality ingredients in Pahoa, Hawai’i, I initially fell for their adorable packaging. Unlike a lot of bar soaps, it doesn't give me that tight feeling in my skin from heavy-duty surfactants. The Forest Rose scent, with notes of evergreen trees, patchouli, and rose, slays me (and every hippie within a two-mile radius).

Fig + Yarrow Body Oil In Woods

I initially fell for this because of the heavenly scent--earthy and sweet like the forest after a soaking rain. Even better than the scent is the formula, which is intended for people with troubled skin. In addition to hemp seed oil, breakout-treating ingredients include extracts of calendula, horsetail, comfrey, and yarrow. Whether I’m adding it to my foundation, putting it on the ends of my hair, or on my body, this is my Holy Grail oil.

Jason Hemp Lotion

I’ve switched to this rich, hemp seed oil-infused lotion for winter, and I think I’m hooked on the formula. While I’m not crazy about silicones in my hair or face, I find them almost necessary in body lotion. For dry areas like feet, knees, and elbows, a lotion that has an emulsion of water, oils, and silicones is a three-fer. The water rehydrates dry, cracked skin, the oil penetrates to moisturize, and the silicones sit on top to prevent moisture loss. It's also mostly unscented so you can wear it under your perfume.


For those who are looking for actual, factual THC-laced beauty products, be patient. While super-duper illegal in most states, marijuana-infused lip butters, balms, and glosses have been around in New York City for more than a few years now. I chatted with "w33dwitch," the mastermind behind these potions, and she praised the mild stress-relief of topically-applied THC-laden lip products. If you're wondering whether they'll get you stoned the answer is no.

  • Cannabis went legal in Alaska (my home state) earlier this week. Thoughts? Feelings?
  • Do you use hemp oil in your skin care routine? Favorite products in the comments!
  • How about hemp oil (or any oil) in your smoothie? I haven't done that, yet.