3 Good Skin Care Habits To Adopt In 2015

Pick up these good skin habits to make 2015 your year of awesome skin.
Publish date:
January 6, 2015
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If you’re making beauty resolutions for the new year, start with your skin. It’s the one area where prevention really matters. If you avoid damaging it now and treat it with care, your skin will reward you by looking bomb and serving as a great canvas for your makeup forever. There are plenty of worthy resolutions, like switching the tanning bed for a self-tanner, not picking your skin, and finding a sunscreen that works for you, but here are the three that I resolve to keep in 2015.

Feed my skin from the inside.

Lately I’ve been slipping into a diet that’s too heavy on the candy, chips, and cheese and too light on, you know, things that came from the ground. And I can tell by the dullness of my complexion and the increase in breakouts that it’s catching up with me. So in 2015, I resolve to eat to feed my skin from the inside out, because eating well makes you feel healthier and look healthier. I’ll be working in two servings of produce with every meal, every day.

Patch test. Always patch test.

I should really know better, but every time I get a new skin care product to try, I can’t resist tearing into it and applying it right away. In 2015, I’m putting my delayed gratification pants on and taking the time to patch test everything. And I mean everything. Patch testing involves two phases. First, apply a swatch of the product onto a small, out of the way area like the neck, wrist, or décolleté and let it sit for 24 hours to make sure it doesn’t cause any immediate allergic reactions. The next step is to apply the product to only one section of the face--I go for one quadrant on my forehead--and keep an eye on that patch for one to two weeks.

Oh, and a third key element of patch testing is that you can only introduce one new product into your routine at a time. Otherwise you won't be able to pinpoint which product is causing a reaction. May we all be blessed with patience this year, you feel?

Get diligent about double cleansing.

I can be really lazy about my nighttime routine. While I always do at least a quick cleanse, I wonder if all that makeup and water-resistant sunscreen is getting fully removed. Truthfully, judging by the leftover mascara smudges I’m always waking up with, I know it isn’t. Enter double cleansing. I start by massaging an oil (for me, hemp seed) into dry skin to remove makeup and sunscreen. Then I follow up with a water-based cleanser (my trusty Fresh Soy Face Cleanser) to make sure the oil is fully removed and the skin underneath is totally cleansed before I apply my nighttime treatments.

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