If You Don't Like Rubbing Balls on Your Face, This Will Make You Change Your Mind

It's just soap, guys. Calm down. Actually, get excited because it's magical.
Publish date:
February 24, 2016
oils, soap, Golda, Aubrey Plaza

When it comes to skincare these days, I'm a little reluctant to add more steps to my routine. I have been on the lookout for a while, though, for one more cleansing-type product that could kick some much needed moisture and glow into my face.

Since moving to New England in the dead of winter, my combination skin has been leaning towards the dryer end of the sebum spectrum. I needed something simple and hassle-free I could add to my skincare regimen that would pack in the moisture without overwhelming my pores.

Then the fates themselves intervened and bestowed upon this planet Aubrey Plaza's Top Shelf on Into the Gloss. I've loved Aubrey for years, since Parks & Recreation premiered in 2009 and she stole my heart as the deadpan perfection that is April Ludgate. I was stoked to read her Top Shelf, but even more so when I read about one product she used in particular: the Golda Sphere Soap.

I threw my credit card down faster than you can say "Maybe think about things before you spend money on them," and in just a few short weeks, the elusive ball was mine.

So what is it?

Golda's Sphere Soap is a delightful golden orb made of a deliciously luxurious combination of oils and other ingredients. Its main oils are palm, coconut, and olive, while there is also some backup support from jojoba, avocado, and lemongrass.

Oh, and there's this oil in there called aomori hiba oil, which can only be found in these 300-year-old trees in Japan. Aomori hiba oil has antimicrobial properties to keep your mug so fresh and so clean. Basically, this stuff is definitely magic.

Every night, after removing my makeup and cleansing with my normal routine, I grab this little magic sphere. I run it under lukewarm water for a couple seconds and then swirl it around in my hands to lather it up a bit. Then, I gently massage my face with it for two to three minutes. It smells heavenly.

The round shape actually makes the massage feel awesome. I feel like it relieves a lot of the tension in my jaw and around my face. After I feel adequately cleansed and very chill, I rinse my face and pat it dry. (I use clean t-shirts to dry my face, because I think they're gentler than rough towels.)

I've seen my face grow glowier since I introduced this ball into my life. The oils definitely help moisturize and calm my skin, while the soap itself makes me happy every time I look at it. I never thought I'd be excited to rub a ball on my face, but here we are.