Glossier's Moisturizing Moon Mask Is My New Favorite Skin Indulgence

Operation Cherub Face is in full effect.

Masks are the part of skincare that I most enjoy. Even if I can’t afford to go get facials on the regular, I can relax, mask myself, and indulge in some TLC.

I’ve tried a plethora of masks, but I usually stick to ones designed to unclog pores and prevent or treat breakouts. A little over a month ago I ordered the two facial masks from Glossier and gave them both a whirl. While I like the Galaxy Mega Greens Galaxy Pack detoxifying face mask, I was surprised to find that the Moisturizing Moon Mask was my favorite.

Slathering on this rich mask is a real treat. It feels soothing—like the effect of aloe vera gel on a sunburn—so I was not surprised to find honey and aloe in the ingredients.

In the initial few seconds after application there is a bit of a tingling around the creases behind my nostrils, but otherwise I don't feel any sort of skin discomfort.

I also love that when I rinse it off, it doesn’t leave behind any residue as other rinse-off masks do. It makes my skin feel very smooth and plump (thank you, hyaluronic acid) and less oily than it was before.

My skin is in pretty decent shape to begin with, but I did find that my face looked brighter after the first use. Over the last month, I’ve noticed a difference in how oily my skin is throughout the day and found that I use less coverage when applying my foundation because my tone is more even.

My favorite way to use this mask is as an overnight treatment. I put a thin layer on my face as the final step in my nighttime routine, and wake up in the morning looking fresh-faced and glowing, not greasy. Once a month, I still also rotate it out with other masks, using it as directed (20 minutes on, then rinse off).

  • What are your favorite types of skincare masks?
  • Any other Glossier fans out there?