GlamGlow Powercleanse Is Like A Clarifying Shampoo For Your Face

It's three cleansers rolled into one lime green bottle.
Publish date:
March 30, 2015
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You know how products can build up in your hair, making it feel heavy and gross? The best way to deep cleanse is to use a clarifying shampoo. Don't you wish there was a product like that for your face? Well, now there is.

Meet Powercleanse, GlamGlow's newest offering which bills itself as a “mud and oil to foam” cleanser.

As we creep into warmer weather, I know there are days of sweat, grease, and melting makeup ahead. Powercleanse--available in May for $39--is a serious foaming cleanser that can cut through that ish.

The product comes in a cute lime green bottle with two pumps: one that dispenses mud and one that pumps out oil.

The mud contains green clay and kaolin clay to suck up oil, as well as rice bran and oat extracts to calm irritation. On the oil side, prickly pear oil is the shining star, providing thorough cleansing with an antioxidant kick. However, both formulas are cut with foaming agents to help cleanse, so they feel more like gel cleansers with clay or oil in them rather than straight up clay or oil.

Simply mix the two sides together in equal proportion and massage into damp skin, although I sometimes use the oil first and the mud second as part of my sebaceous filament-busting routine.

The cleanser smells like green apples and works into a rich, gentle foam that left my skin feeling fresh and clean.

Unique formula aside, this is definitely still a foaming cleanser, and I can tell that it would be too drying for me to use on the daily. But while it's probably more appropriate for oily skin, it'll be a nice treat when my skin starts feeling grimy.

  • Are you a GlamGlow fan?
  • What products have you tried and loved?
  • How do you deep-cleanse your skin in the summer?