I Got Waxed By A Trainee Because It Was Free

We're not talking about my eyebrows.
Publish date:
March 28, 2013
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I guess I've always been a bit of a masochist, minus the self-loathing. My brand of masochism is rooted in stubbornness and pride. I was the kind of kid who would hold her breath at dinner instead of eating her lima beans, and in college, I would go shot for shot with my older brother and his friends just to prove that I could hang. I also have a very high pain tolerance.

Combine those two factors with my current thrifty state (I'm in wedding saving mode), and here's what you get: me subjecting my bikini line (and the area in between that is definitely not a line) to the waxing expertise of a trainee.

Let me back up a sec. The European Wax Center is an international chain (based in Florida, oddly enough) that's quickly expanding and opening new locations all over. Now, I'm all about supporting the mom 'n' pop businesses, but when it comes to something so hygienically sensitive as waxing, I appreciate a brand that adopts a high standard of quality, cleanliness and consistency and enforces it among all their conveniently located stores at a great price.

To announce their latest outpost in my neighborhood, EWC sent me a coupon for a discounted wax service. When I called to make the appointment, I was told that one of their wax specialists was still in training and that I could have the wax for free if I did it with her.

I didn't even hesitate: "Sure, see you Saturday!"

It was after I hung up the phone that my imagination started to mess with me. I remembered the (one and only) time I tried to wax myself. After ripping the strip off too slowly--and screeching through a moment of blinding pain--a blotch of purply blood pooled to the surface of the skin of my bikini line and remained there for about a month (right before my Caribbean vacay--great).

What if this newbie waxer did the same? Or what if she burns the little man in the boat?


I was immediately reassured by the sleek, well-maintained space. When I met my waxer, Lindsay, she was professional and discreet. Once I hopped up on the table, under the merciless fluorescent lights, I began subtly asking about her experience and the training process.

I literally exhaled with relief when she told me that she'd been waxing for the past five years but that she had to go through this rigorous training process just because she was new to the brand.

Well, let me tell you, after I put my fears to rest, it was the best wax of my life!

Using a "soft" hard wax (read: no strips) that's alcohol-free and gentle on the skin, Lindsay followed the four steps of the EWC process: cleanse, protect, wax, rejuvenate.

"You don't even flinch at all!" she noted in amazement once we had reached the very sensitive nether-regions.

The Brazilian included the front and back for $42--a very competitive price for these parts, and I mean that strictly geographically--and it was over in about 35 minutes. My skin was pink, but not red or at all bloody, as I had experienced at times in the past.

Because the wax was free (I tipped, of course), I went in for the Ingrown Hair Serum since my sensitive skin is very ingrown-prone. It contains glycolic acid, tea tree oil and coffeeberry extract to both prevent and cure ingrowns. I apply a dime-sized amount after each shower, and now, three days later, the area looks better than it ever has post-wax--making me completely bikini- and bedroom-ready.

How about you? Have you gotten a free salon or spa service? Was it worth the risk?