The Face Wash That Makes Me Feel Like A Real, Grown-Up Lady

Bonus: It makes my face smell like fresh-cut roses.
Publish date:
November 25, 2013
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As a teen, I constantly struggled with acne. I saw multiple
dermatologists and had some new form of scary acidic prescription cream
every other week. It was awful and embarrassing, as it is for anyone dealing
with serious acne, but luckily, I grew out of it with time.

Now that I’m in my 20s, my skin feels like it has been reborn.
I’ve been able to try new face masks and moisturizers without any horrible
repercussions, and I only breakout during period times and when I’ve been
drinking too much too many days in a row. I feel really lucky to have ended up
with soft, clear skin, and I want to take care of it as best as I can.

The one thing that didn’t change when my skin stopped
misbehaving was my face wash. I grew up in a home dedicated to the cleansing
powers of Cetaphil, and I never considered there was ever anything else out
there. I continued buying the big, ugly bottles right up until this past year,
at which point I realized: do I even need this anymore?

I’m not trying to knock Cetaphil. It
worked wonders for me when I needed serious skin help, and lots of people (like
my mother) go their entire life using it. But, well, I like pretty things,
things that smell really good and look nice on my bathroom shelf. I wanted a
product that suited my new grown-up lady skin, a product that didn’t remind me
of my teenage angst.

Cetaphil may be many things, but it is not flowery and
pretty. But my new main squeeze cleanser is.

I have a bad habit of covering myself in floral-scented
products every time I go into a beauty supply store--so many that I give myself
a headache. Most of the time, I am unimpressed, but every now and then I smell a
floral-scented product that is perfectly spot on, and I can’t help but buy it.

When I squirted some of Fresh's Rose Cleansing Foam into my hand at
Sephora, I practically swooned aloud. Then I looked at the price tag and
nearly fainted.

I went home empty-handed that day, unable to bear spending so much on a face wash, something that I would literally be rinsing down the drain. But
the rosy magic on my hand haunted me; it just smelled so good!

Within the
month, I had gone back to Sephora and splurged.

Rose Cleansing Foam is light and bubbly, and it makes
my face feel super-clean and glowy. My skin is extra soft, and my breakouts
have definitely become even more rare since I started using it.

The best part?
The smell! Its like dipping your face into a rosebush... without the thorns.

still can’t decide if I’ll buy another bottle when this one runs out, purely
based on the high price point, but for now, I’m drifting away on a bed of roses
each night, and waking up to a fresh bouquet each morning.