Quick Question: Would You Use "Intimate Wipes" Before And/Or After Being "Intimate"?

Leave your answer in the comments. Or, if you're Annie, just turn to your left and tell me.
Publish date:
March 18, 2013
Quick Question, wipes, Playtex

Hi, guys. Today, we're starting a new daily thingy called QUICK QUESTION, in which I ask you--get this--a quick question. I AM SO PREDICTABLE.

The first thing I want to know from you is...

Would you use these Playtex Fresh + Sexy Before & After Intimate Wipes before sex, after sex, both before and after sex, or neither?

Things you may want to consider before answering:

  • They're "skin conditioning," therefore qualifying them as a beauty product.
  • They're flushable.
  • They're alcohol-free.
  • They're hypoallergenic (god, I'd hope so).

OK, answer me, or else this will have ended up being a bad idea.