Here's Another Wackadoo Way to Wash Your Face

So. Much. Foam.
Publish date:
September 4, 2015
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Trying new products is a requisite for any beauty writer, and I relish those moments when I get to try something really unconventional. The wacky product(s) I'm about to show you are, admittedly, not quite as wacky as some, but they're still enough of a change from my normal routine to safely place them in the "weird" category.

This "foaming mesh" tool ($2.50) comes to you by way of DHC from the land of Japan, home to wonderful things such as conveyor belt Sushi, anime and notable skincare products. While the product is new to DHC, it isn't really new to the skincare world. In fact, I had one years ago, just after I moved back from Korea in 2009, and I absolutely loved it.

You can use it with most cleansers, and it works by near-instantly transforming your cleanser of choice into a really dense but fluffy foam. In fact, it produces twice as much foam as you would by simply rubbing your hands together, and the light-as-air foamy lather it produces makes for a super-soothing cleansing experience.

I decided to get really crazy in this face-washing session by using a powder cleanser with the foaming mesh tool. I know, I know. I need to cool it before I put an eye out or something.

Note: I usually avoid powder cleansers, but this DHC Face Wash Powder ($12.50) is actually easier to use with the foamer. Go figure!

Wet your foam mesh tool and apply a tiny bit of cleanser, then gently rub the mesh into itself. It took just a couple seconds and minimal effort to produce this handsome lather!

Next, start at the top and "squeeze" out the foam into your hand.

From there, gently pat onto your skin and massage in circles. The foamy lather will dissipate as you break up the wee bubbles, so keep massaging it into your skin until your bubbles are all gone. From there, rinse your face, pat dry and follow up with your normal moisturizing routine.

I liken this skin cleansing experience to what it'd feel like if a thousand tiny angel hands floated down from the sky and massaged your precious face with their soft and pillowy, magical hands. Afterward, your face feels clean, but it doesn't feel like you just spent five minutes rubbing it really hard like you might with other cleansers.

  • Have you ever used a mesh tool like this?
  • How do you feel about powder cleansers? BE HONEST.