5 Flavored Lip Balms For A Midday Treat

Good for make-out sessions, maybe not so good for when you're hungry.
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January 29, 2015
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When Calle wrote about her favorite drugstore lip balms, it reminded me that I need to be more religious with my lip balm application this winter. Not only will it help with dry, chapped lips, but hopefully a constant layer of lip balm will stop me from chewing my lips apart.

Inspired by the flavored lip balms in the new Burt's Bees collaboration with Us The Duo, I had the bright idea that perhaps flavored lip balm would be most effective at stopping my absent-minded lip biting habit. The way my logic goes is that the moment I taste the lip balm, I'll realize what I'm doing and stop.

So far, my plan has been working pretty well thanks to these five lip balms. Some have more flavor than others, so I've rated them all by flavor (as well as things like prettiness and actual efficiency as a balm). Read on! But not if you're hungry.

Here's what this looks like on my lips (ignore any pink patchiness left over from a stubborn lip stain):

Taste/Smell: 3/5. The taste is barely noticeable. I don't taste cherry but maybe a hint of sweetness. It smells delicious though; more like cake than cherry.

Appearance: 4/5. It's an extremely glossy, sheer pink with hints of shimmer. It's not a natural look but it is pretty.

Efficacy: 3/5. This one comes close to being more of a gloss than a balm, but it promises to "hydrate, smooth, and soften lips" so I gave it a fair try. As a balm it works better than expected. It's very slick and emollient, so it prevents me from biting my lips, and my lips are softer after wearing it.

Nivea A Kiss of Cherry, $3

Taste/Smell: 3/5. Now this one smells like cherries (or cherry candy), but I didn't detect much flavor--and it lists "flavor" in the ingredient list. Sigh.

Appearance: 4/5. This has more of a pink pigment and less gloss than the Philosophy Lip Shine. It's great for a "my lips but better" daily look.

Efficacy: 4/5. This balm has a waxy consistency and coats lips for more than an hour, leaving them softer and still slightly pink afterwards.

Burt's Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm, $3.30

Taste/Smell: 3/5. I tried two of the new flavored lip balms from the Us The Duo and Burt's Bees collaboration: the Coconut & Pear and the Wild Cherry (pictured further up above). I like the smell and taste of the Wild Cherry much more than the Coconut & Pear, but that's personal preference. They definitely smell true to their names, but again I had a hard time noticing flavor. Guys, is there something wrong with my taste buds?

Appearance: 2/5. These are clear with minimal sheen, making me wish for some color.

Efficacy: 5/5. Burt's Bees has never let me down when it comes to lip balm and these are no exception. They relieve my dry lips for the long-term (and I have to admit I like the 100% natural promise).

Lip Smacker Chocolate Hazelnut Lip Balm, $1.50

Taste/Smell: 3/5. It smells exactly like Tootsie Rolls. I definitely can detect a sweet (but not particularly chocolatey/nutty) flavor with this one.

Appearance: 2/5. This goes on clear with some sheen. Boring.

Efficacy: 3/5. It's not the fanciest lip balm (that's coming next) but it's fun and gets the job done. If you like Lip Smackers, you'll like this. It's a Special Edition flavor and I can't seem to find it online, so if you happen to see it in Target or a drugstore, better snatch it up.

Le Couvent des Minimes Smile Lip Balm Honey, $13.50

Taste/Smell: 5/5. It smells AND TASTES exactly like honey. YES. In fact, it's extremely potent, which is good if you like honey. Luckily I do, because I could smell and taste this stuff on my lips for hours after application.

Appearance: 4/5. It's a clear balm, but extremely glossy--sort of like coconut oil but a lot thicker. It's not sticky like honey though, don't worry.

Efficacy: 5/5. This stayed on my lips for a long time and made them feel softer during and after wearing it. Yes, it's expensive, but it's worth splurging on for yourself or as a great gift for someone. You get a lot of product in the fancy glass container, and it really is a luxurious product to use.

  • Do you have a favorite flavored lip balm?
  • Have you tried any of these?
  • Are you super hungry now?

Photos by Joshua Kirby