Korean Sheet Masks Are The Lazy (Broke) Girl's Facial

It's important to know your sheet! Here are five of my favorite Korean sheet masks.
Publish date:
June 24, 2014
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“I woke up like dis” has been my personal mantra since forever. (Sorry, Beyoncé. I was there first.) But to wake up flawless, I have to put in some effort at bedtime. My secret? Sheet masks.

Sheet masks are HUGE in Korea, where the common thought is that intense hydration is the key to brighter, younger skin. After 30 minutes of absorbing all of the moisture from the sheet, results are instant--and addicting. I love peeling off a mask and seeing my (slightly) plumper, brighter face. It's like a mini facial, but way cheaper and you don't have to leave the house.

Now that sheet masks are finally becoming a thing stateside, I decided to do a breakdown of the different types and what they do for your face--and fingers!

Most sheet masks are made out of a super lush microfiber, which feels similar to cotton. These masks are drenched in a variety of botanical ingredients and/or vitamins to help diminish various skin conditions. Most importantly, the masks feel amazingly soothing against your skin, especially after a long plane ride or beach day. (I love popping ‘em into the fridge for a half-hour before use in the summer.)

With sheet masks, the fun is really in the variety. Let's go through the different types that are out there.

Missha First Treatment Essence Mask

This particular mask is drenched in my favorite essence ingredient: fermented yeast extract, which helps renew the outer layer of skin. The Missha First Treatment Essence mask comes in two pieces for a better fit. This is the top half.

Below, I’ve added the bottom half, which has a flappy attachment that makes me oddly look like a rooster…

But there’s a method to this madness! The flaps cover your neck, which we often forget about when applying makeup or face creams. This is where the stretchy microfiber comes in handy.

The Glam Rock Mask by Too Cool For School

This is by far the prettiest eye mask I have ever seen. Made by Too Cool for School, this Glam Rock Mask has black lace detailing and kind of looks like something Catwoman would wear. Made of hydrogel, this mask is 100 percent soluble, meaning that it’s made out of liquid and molded to keep its shape. After 20 to 30 minutes on your face, you’ll notice the hydrogel thinning as the liquid melts into your skin.

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Patch

You never hear the expression “flakey, kissable lips” for a reason. Dry lips are just as annoying as dry skin, so it’s important to hydrate! This particular Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Patch smells amazing (blueberries!) and works wonders on smoothing chapped lips.

Etude House Collagen Eye Patches

As we age, we lose collagen in our delicate under-eye area. It’s really important to restore this lost collagen using Etude House’s Collagen Eye Patches to brighten up dark circles and rebuild thin eye area skin.

Innisfree Finger Sheet Masks

I can't decide: do these look like tampons on my fingers, or little alien finger puppets? My friends say it's the former. However funny they may look, these Innisfree Finger Sheet Masks help restore dry, cracked cuticles almost immediately. Although I use hand cream to moisturize my cuticles religiously, that doesn't compare to the results of these finger masks. Thanks to the light pressure of the microfiber cotton and length of time your fingers are soaked in the essences, these masks force skin to absorb all the moisture.

There you have it. Korean sheet masks that cover everything from your face to your fingertips.

Have you tried any of these or other sheet masks? What are your favorite sheet mask brands?