4 Perfumes For 4 Kinds Of First Dates

From fancy dinner to using the table for something much more scandalous than dinner, these fragrances complement any mood.

First dates are still a thing people do, right? I mean, even with apps like Tinder and OKCupid and stuff, people still go on first dates, don't they? (OK, my cluelessness is kind of a front. I actually went on a first date a few weeks ago, so I know they exist.)

First dates are funny, though. You spruce yourself up a bit to present the best part of you, you awkwardly have a drink or a meal and ask each other a bunch of questions and then, if it goes well, you might make out like high-schoolers in the car. Not that this has happened to me…

I may not go on a ton of first dates, but I can definitely tell you what perfume I was wearing on each first date with each dude. I set a great stock in these things. I choose my perfume just as carefully as I do my outfit. I have a LOT of perfume to choose from, so the scent I pick has to suit the dude, the venue and the mood.

FANCY DATE: Baiser Volé by Cartier

Cartier is obviously all class all the time, and just the bottle for this gorgeous floral screams fancy. It’s modeled after a Zippo lighter and it just feels expensive.

It smells expensive too, like a bouquet of the most beautiful lilies you’ve ever seen. Though Baiser Volé is a floral fragrance, it smells very green, much like an actual flower. It’s practically a one-note lily fragrance, but it never smells cloying.

This is, by far, the fragrance young professional men compliment me on most often. It’s perfect for a fancy dinner, but it totally works with jeans and a T-shirt, too. Baiser Volé always feels appropriate, which means it’s really good for meeting the parents, too, should your first date eventually lead to that. (And FYI: Baiser Volé is French for “stolen kiss.”)

ROMANTIC DATE: Nobile Carnation by Royal Apothic

In my experience, it’s the sweet, candy-like fragrances that dudes go absolutely crazy for. This floral opens on a feminine, creamy note that eventually dries down to a spicy, almost woody heart, much like the flower it is named after.

Nobile Carnation reminds me of chiffon sundresses from the Anthropologie catalog; it’s very girly, which is just fine with me. I am the anti-Charlotte York as I absolutely love carnations, especially if they’re pink.

OUTDOORSY DATE: Fils de Dieu by Etat Libre d’Orange

Fils de Dieu is marketed as a unisex fragrance, which means it’s easily worn by both chicks and dudes. I like it because it’s a play on classic Shalimar’s bergamot, vanilla and amber blend, but it never feels fusty the way classic perfumes can sometimes come off. Instead it feels fresh, with a slightly sweet rice and milk note that melts with cardamom and ginger.

However, Fils de Dieu is never a full-blown gourmand scent; as it dries down, it progresses into a vetiver and suede mix that smells sweet, but not feminine. It would definitely do well on a hike or even just a walk around the park because it’s so perfectly unfussy.

HORNY DATE: Lust by Lush

Make no mistakes: this is some seriously sexy stuff. I mean, obviously--it’s called Lust.

It’s full of heady, luscious jasmine and just the tiniest hint is totally intoxicating. Lush blended a little sandalwood and vanilla into Lust so as it dries down, the base scent that lingers on your skin and hair is sweetly woody and 100% sexy.

You may not even make it to dinner.

What's your go-to first-date perfume? For those of you in relationships, do you remember what perfume you wore on your first date with your S.O.?