Herbal Steams: Like A Cup Of Tea For Your Face

It looks like potpourri, but with a little hot water and a towel tent, it's a relaxing skin treatment.
Publish date:
April 2, 2014
steam, treatments, fig + yarrow

I know I
can’t start another article by complaining about the weather so instead I’ll
just say this: I am moving to California, or somewhere on the West Coast,
before next October. Seriously, friends in Portland, L.A. and Seattle, I’ll be
seeing you all soon. I am done with the East and the big city and the frigid
horrible endless cold.

For now, though, while I do still live in Toronto and it still feels like winter, so I’m making cups of
tea for my face.

Well, not
tea per se: Fig and Yarrow’s Spring Herbal Steam.

This bright, colourful blend
of flowers and herbs is like spring in a jar, and it smells like a spa located
in the middle of a meadow filled with wildflowers.

Though there are four
seasonally themed blends in the line, I opted for the one named after the
season I was craving most. Bursting with
blooms like chamomile, linden blossom, lavender, rose, marigold and
chrysanthemum, this rainbow blend looks more like a tin of potpourri than a
facial product.

Basically, you
pour boiling water over a small handful of the floral blend in a bowl, then
allow it to cool slightly. Once the mixture is an agreeable temperature, you
create a tent towel by draping a towel around your head and the bowl to trap
the steam. Then, simply breathe deeply and let the botanical steam work it’s

I went into the tent with a lot of dryness and generally unhappy, lacklustre
skin, driven to horribleness by the long, dry winter. I didn’t expect too much,
but hiding under that towel with floral steam floating all around my face was
really therapeutic!

When I
finally emerged, by skin was dewy, soft, and glowing, and had that same
moisturized, clean feeling it does after a good steam during a facial. It's a welcome addition to my weekly at-home spa nights,
if only for the relaxing time hiding away from the world.

Once your
face is fully steamed (I last in the tent for about 10 minutes), follow up with
a cold water oil cleanse, toner and moisturizer. Then, if you’re up for more steam and heat,
pour the tea into your tub and take a long, hot bath. The instructions say to
strain the mixture first, but I’m a big fan of flowers floating around me in my
bath water, so I say just pour it in and strain later!