Quick Question: What's Your Favorite Celebrity Beauty Brand?

I've been obsessed with Nuance by Salma Hayek since around 3:30 this afternoon.
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August 27, 2013
Quick Question

As much as celebrity fragrances bother me for no particular reason, I'm totally OK with celebrity-backed beauty brands. It makes sense to me. Not only are celebrities held up as beauty icons, but many of them also become well-versed in makeup and hair techniques because of the amount of time they spend getting all floofed up for roles and red carpets.

But that doesn't mean a celebrity beauty brand is automatically better, of course. They still have to earn my esteem, and there's a decent chance I won't feel the urge to jump at the chance to try the line just because it exists.

Such is the case with Nuance, the CVS-exclusive skincare and makeup collection by Salma Hayek, a woman of whom I would gladly assume the physical form as my own for even one day. When the line launched two years ago, I was like, "Oh, neat," and then proceeded to not try it until, like, a minute ago.

I became the lucky recipient of a number of her products said minute ago, and felt immediately moved to use the Rosehip Moisturizing Body Lotion and OH MY GOODNESS, YOU GUYS, IT'S MY NEW FAVORITE LOTION.

Made with aloe and Irish moss, it goes on like a really smooth... smooth thing. And the light, soft scent? I just want to hug myself.

I think this lotion instantly catapulted Nuance to my favorite celebrity beauty brand. And, I mean, there are a lot of awesome celebrity beauty brands: Flower by Drew Barrymore, Iman, Kat Von D, Living Proof (now co-owned by Jennifer Aniston), etc. Maybe it's just infatuation, I dunno.

You tell me. QQ: What's your favorite celebrity beauty brand?