I'm Completely Overhauling My Skincare Regimen for Fall and I'm Really Looking Forward to My New Face

I carefully selected 11 products that will hopefully all get along with each other and not make my head fall off.

Despite my desk basically being a fort made out of beauty products, I don't subscribe to any elaborate self-care or pampering routines. I spend a fair amount of time on my makeup before work or going out, but my hair, body, and skincare regimens are pretty bare-bones — jejune, even. (Sorry, I've always wanted to use jejune in a sentence.) As a beauty editor, I love checking out new products, of course, but ultimately, when I jauntily toss my trench coat over my shoulder, pull my fedora down over my brow, and turn off the Time Inc. lights, I go home and use just a handful of basics, seeing them through until their bottles are empty.

I keep things simple, to a fault.

I say "to a fault" because, while keeping it simple has worked for me for years, I don't think it's working anymore — at least not in the skincare category. This has been the first year I'm really starting to notice significant age-related changes in my skin. It's been sneaking up on me really slowly, and then it was like, "BOO, MOTHERFUCKER!" and I was suddenly wearing a mask of a more tired-looking, spottier, less gravity-resistant version of my face.

And, I mean, I knew I wouldn't look 29 forever, and it's not like I was trying to convince anyone I still was. But maybe that lack of trying is what made me suddenly jump, at least in my own eyes, from "could pass for a decade younger" to "oh, yeah, definitely 37." And despite being very much in favor of aging and all of its appurtenances, there are some skin characteristics — like glowiness and smoothness and not being droopy — that I like seeing when I look in the mirror, and those happen to be some of things that start dwindling with age.

So, for fall, I'm doing a total overhaul of my skincare routine. No more lazy cleansing (read: face wipes) followed by a random moisturizer with an underwhelming glycolic acid pad thrown in in-between at night. It's time for me to employ a thoughtful multi-step regimen; to stop getting sad at the thought of opening beautiful packing and start getting excited about using what's inside; to not worry that I somehow don't deserve to use the fancy products I receive (imposter syndrome is real, y'all); to remind myself that while aging is OK, it's also OK to want to hold on to the things you like about your skin when you notice them starting to fade.

L'Oreal was right, you guys. I'm so totally worth it.

Over the weekend, I spent a couple of hours combing through the products I had available to me, and I came up with a new morning and evening regimen that I'm going to make a top priority. Here's what I'll be using.



I'm making a promise to myself — and to you, so I can report back on the regimen's effectiveness — to really stick to this routine all season. That's not to say that I won't test out other products that come my way (because wheeeee!), but I'm moving these onto the little shelves in my bathroom tonight — and not just for decoration.

  • Are you making any changes to your skincare routine for fall?
  • Have you tried any of the products I've chosen? What do you think of them?
  • How many products are in your daytime and nighttime regimens?