Have You Ever Tried A Peach Smoothie, AKA A Bikini Facial?

I promise it’s not as awkward as it sounds.

After years and years of regular bikini waxing (I go every four weeks without fail), I started to have a problem with ingrown hairs, so I decided to seek out a bikini facial, AKA, a peach smoothie.

Why is it called a peach smoothie? Well, Haven Spa, here in New York City, wants to get that area soft and smooth, and peach is another word, according to Haven anyway, for the area in question.

There are plenty of over-the-counter products that can help with both ingrown hairs and clogged pores in the bikini region, such as Tend Skin Liquid Skin Care Solution and PFB Vanish + Chromabright, but getting a bikini facial will ensure that all the dirt and grime goes totally out the door.

Like a normal facial, the peach smoothie ($50 for 30 minutes) started with a deep cleanse. My esthetician, Marta, used Sonya Dakar Triple Action Organic Scrub, which contains green tea extract to kill bacteria and unclogs pores. That was quickly followed by high frequency microdermabrasion (the same device used on the face) to take out any lingering bacteria and to help prevent inflammation and redness. It was a bit strange to feel, but I quickly got over it after the first couple of tickles.

Once that was over, Marta applied Yonka Active Mirco Peel and turned on the steam to further unclog those pores. After that, Marta grabbed a pair of tweezers and started plucking away at my ingrown hairs. This is the bikini facial’s equivalent to extractions in a normal facial. But unlike the time and care spent on getting the gunk out of my face, this didn’t last long at all as there weren’t many ingrown hairs to tweeze (phew!).

Lastly, Marta applied a calming, hydrating rosemary mask from Haven Spa’s in-house product line Plum; it was thick enough to soothe my skin without leaving a residue, and I was ready to hit the door.

It’s recommended that you get a bikini facial anywhere from two days to two weeks after receiving a wax, but since the purpose is to prevent ingrown hairs or clogged pores, I went two weeks after my wax because that’s when my hair usually starts to grow back.

There’s no preparation needed prior to the treatment, except to make sure the surface is bare, but Marta advised that I did not use any ingrown serums for the next day or two since many over-the-counter products contain alcohol, applying them would dry out the skin (and probably sting like crazy). Plus, the products used in the peach smoothie would still be working to clear things up.

I’d recommend this treatment to anyone who waxes regularly and suffers from ingrown hairs--especially in the summer, when the heat causes all of your body parts start to sweat like crazy--or if you’ve found over-the-counter products to be ineffective. And despite the name, I promise it’s not as awkward as it sounds.

Ever tried a bikini facial? Anyone out there regular waxers? Share your maintenance tips below!