This Face Lotion Is The First Moisturizer I've Ever Been Willing To Recommend

I've had my fair share of “never again” moisturizers that made me break out, made my eyes burn, etc. This Eucerin lotion is putting a stop to all that.
Publish date:
February 7, 2014
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Day moisturizers have always been a source of confusion for me. Not only is my brain unable to figure things out very well when I get ready in the morning, but I never quite got the hang of wearing makeup and moisturizer at the same time.

For years I used tinted moisturizer, then BB cream, but I never really loved it. I always felt like I was just clogging my pores and covering my skin, which I resented. I tend to focus more on skincare anyway, because I hate face makeup so much. Sure, a little powder or concealer is necessary sometimes, but isn’t it better to only need these things once in a while? Or better yet, never?

So many moisturizers claim to make your skin better over time, but I bet there are a million people who have had experience with at least one moisturizer that actually made their skin worse. I have my fair share of “never again” moisturizers that made me break out, made my eyes burn, or my makeup melt off. I have never recommended any face moisturizer in my life until now because I never found one I liked.

This all changed when I decided to give Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion a try. I got it about a month ago and I use it every single day.

I absolutely love this moisturizer because it has SPF 30 with zinc oxide, which I use to keep my skin clear in addition to protecting it from UV rays. Using sunscreen daily also makes me feel like I’m doing something that will make me eventually look better. (Actually, it’s scientifically proven wearing sunscreen will make you look better. Duh.)

Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion is such a great moisturizer that I’ve been skipping BB cream completely now. After about a month of use, my skin has had no issues at all with dryness or acne. To top it all off, I’m in New York, where we have been enduring freezing temperatures for two weeks. (I do use a little Nivea on my nose though. I blow my nose a lot, and it gets dry. Thanks, sinuses.)

This moisturizer is very lightweight, and one pump is generally enough for my face and throat. There isn’t really a noticeable odor other than a slight hint of sunscreen, which is quite nice for the winter--makes me think of summer!

It goes on a little white, so you need to use a little caution and a mirror when you apply it, but the great thing about it is that it moisturizes your skin perfectly without letting it get too oily and slippery. It takes seconds to absorb, which means no waiting around for your moisturizer to sink in when you have 15 minutes to get ready.

The best part: It’s inexpensive and available at practically any drugstore. (I actually got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond.)

Do you have a favorite cheap moisturizer?