How To Smell Like A Beach Goddess All Summer And Beyond

It's my summer of beach beauty, and I'm divulging 3 of my summer fragrance-layering secrets!

Recently, I realized that my favourite place in the world is at the beach; specifically, lying on a towel after sauntering out of the ocean, droplets of sea water glistening on me like I'm a Bond girl. The sun is baking down on me, the waves are roaring, and I'm in absolute heaven. Like, can I be inside of this Slim Aarons photo? Forever?

With this realization, I've decided to dedicate a huge chunk of my writing over the next few weeks to capturing this feeling. Whether it's with fragrances, shower gels, bronzers or self-tanners, I will be guiding you, beautiful readers, down the road to endless beachy magic. You're a sexy mermaid, I'm a sexy mermaid--we deserve this.

The first step into my trip along the way to THE SUMMER OF BEACH BEAUTY is to smell like summer. I've been obsessed for awhile with creating my own custom scent, much in line with what Ms. Alison Freer over at xoJane accomplished. But since I'm not going to be in L.A. anytime soon that I know of, I've had to resort to pre-made products and my own ingenious layering and mixing.

My ideal scent is the following: crisp sea air, ocean salt, warm skin, a bit of creamy florals (like the whiff you get walking past a garden on a hot night), a bit of tropical fruit (coconut, guava maybe?), tanning oil (even though I love my high SPF), and maybe even some chlorine for those days where I can't get out to the real water. Perhaps there is a perfume out there that fits the bill of all of these, but for me, I've had to come up with my own mixes, which is fine, because it makes me feel even more unique and mysterious and ugh, I'm totally going to share my "formulas" with you now, but like, give me some credit when someone tells you that you smell delicious, OK?


Demeter Fragrance Library Suntan Lotion + Swimming Pool + Piña Colada Cologne Spray

Demeter is always on point. They know what they're doing with their "singular" scents, which are basically individual notes that you can mix and mingle to your own delight to make yourself smell like whatever the hell you want. You want to smell like a chocolate-covered, leather-clad dominatrix who just rolled around in a wet garden? You can do that. Demeter feels you.

I own a lot of Demeter scents, but for the Palm Springs-y, lazy Summer sexpot vibe, I like the mix of the above three. The Suntan Lotion scent is very classic. If you're expecting a Banana Boat-y, coconut type vibe, you'll be disappointed. It's definitely more on point with a nice, thick, creamy slathering of zinc-y SPF, which I love. Swimming Pool is very fresh and crisp with that slight chlorine whiff I mentioned before. And then, if you wanted the sweetness of a more stereotypical coconut-y vibe, Piña Colada brings that to the game.

I mist all three from my wrist and up my forearms and they combine into a fresh, slightly sweet and ever-so-summery potion. You will smell like a sexy housewife with nothing better to do than sit by the pool and get her daily requirement of vitamin D and then some.


Korres Guava Body Butter + Nemat International Amber Perfume Oil + Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue

So, I wrote about Orange Sanguine almost exactly one year ago, when I was basically having a mental breakdown. If I were a commercial, I'd be all "Calgon, take me away," except replace Calgon with Atelier Cologne because this fragrance is basically a vacation to the Mediterranean in a bottle. It smells like fresh citrus spritz combined with a bit of musk, and it dries down to the sexiest, subtle scent ever.

For this combination though, I start with the Korres lotion right out of the bath. The guava has that tropical sweetness but almost a bit of spice to it as well, and it melts into your skin beautifully without any nasty parabens or other garbage. Whenever I wear this stuff, people tell me I smell good. And then I'm like, uh yeah, I know.

Next comes a layering of the aforementioned Orange Sanguine and Nemat's Amber Oil, which is just straight-up pure amber oil in a thick, greasy formula that I dab in my cleavage and above my bellybutton like some minxy socialite on a yacht.

If the previous combination was all about lounging by the pool, this combination is about getting off your ass for awhile to hop on a jet, and then immediately plopping down on the private balcony of some European hotel upon arrival. Nice.


Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Moisturizer + A Beautiful Life Mermaid's Kiss Eau de Parfum

This mix is for all the sirens out there. You know, you saucy bitches who have no problem shipwrecking any dumb man who dare be enticed by your ethereal song/scent.

Skin Trip is a classic body lotion that I've written about before, a deliciously milky coconut-based cream that sinks into your skin and leaves it so soft and dreamy that you might even try to seduce yourself. Mermaid's Kiss comes in for the kicker with a mix of bay rum, sea salt, and lime juice. It doesn't mess around. It's like a boozy summertime cocktail that you just happened to splash all over your seashell-bra clad self, like Ariel meets Spring Breakers. You're a dangerous woman if you choose this mix, and I salute you for it.

So now I've shared my secret recipes with you and I'm feeling sort of vulnerable. Use this information wisely please, and don't be shocked if strangers compliment you or linger around your neckline, nostrils flared, inhaling deeply.

Now what other SUMMER OF BEACH BEAUTY secrets would you like me to divulge in coming instalments? I'm here 'til September. I mean, I'll still be here then. But then it's fall beauty. Bordeaux lips and stuff, yawn, yawn ... later, later...