The 'Secret' French Products In My Makeup Artist's Kit

Embryolisse's Secret Artist line is a secret no longer.

Men have a funny way of jumbling up compliments. The other day my beau turned to me and said, “Babe, your skin has been looking so nice lately, or you got better at doing your makeup...errr or both.”

I had to chuckle at that last-minute save and give him a pass. After all, he was trying to say I looked pretty. And he was right, I had changed my makeup.

Hanging around with professional makeup artists (and peeking inside their kits) I've discovered a lot of great products. Case in point: my makeup artist turned me on to Embryolisse's Lait-Creme Concentrate, a moisturizer that triples as primer and (in a pinch) makeup remover. The gel-like lotion now has Holy Grail status in my book; it's also the French skin care company's hero product. This, and a few other Embryolisse products that I've tried and loved, made me curious about the brand's "Artist Secret" line.

After requesting some samples, I feverishly checked the mail every day. I was SO excited to try this stuff. What arrived was a sweet kit containing the brand's Compact Foundation Cream, Radiant Eye stick, and sample-size BB Cream.

I have mentioned before that I’m not too big on complexion makeup, but the more I play with it the more I have realized that I just haven’t tried many good ones.

Artist Secret Compact Foundation Cream

This cream to powder (!!) compact aims to nourish skin AND cover imperfections. I tried it and was very happy. The price is a bit high, but I remember paying the same amount for Smashbox Halo and being bummed that it was just glorified mineral makeup, which is usually far cheaper.

As someone that isn’t an every day complexion makeup person, this ticks some important boxes for me: SPF 20, moisturization, appropriate coverage, and exciting ingredients. It contains vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, the latter of which I have been researching for some time. Expensive to stabilize in skin care products, the best hyaluronic acid products are usually pricey, but come with rave reviews.

The formula never feels cake-y or dry, and its silica- and clay-based pigments give a dimensional matte look. However, the three medium shades above are the only colors available. So there aren't really options for those with pale or dark complexions, which isn't ideal.

Overall: I would definitely repurchase the Artist Secret compact.

Embryolisse BB Cream With SPF 20

The BB cream was interesting. It does blur imperfections and discoloration, but it does not provide any opaque coverage or discernible color.

There's only one translucent "shade," but it is truly universal. It's like the original Korean BB Creams that were formulated to prep skin for makeup, not provide coverage. The price point is similar to other high performance BB creams, and the formula contains AHA (to help turn over new skin cells), antioxidants, sunscreen, and pearl powder (to reflect light).

Overall: I liked this product, but it’s not essential unless you are a devoted BB user.

Radiant Eye Stick

Last but not least, the Radiant Eye stick. There are other cooling eye sticks on the market, and they are cheaper, but they aren’t leading the double life of this particular product. Rad for headaches and hangovers, it gives an immediate cooling sensation and can be applied over or under makeup.

Like all of Embryolisse's products, the eye stick is supercharged with nourishing ingredients, including glycerin, aloe, and PP (also known as B3 or Niacin), which dilates capillaries in the thinly-skinned eye area to help de-puff and increase circulation.

Overall: Love it, but if you just want cooling and less performance, you could save a few bucks and get a similar product by Kiehl's or Boscia.

The more I get to hang out with professional working makeup artists, the more I get to know their secrets. This is one of the amazing perks about being a beauty writer: learn the secret and share it with all of y’all!

What is the BEST beauty product recommendation you have ever received?

And what do you think about these products? Which one is worth trying for your beauty routine/lifestyle?

Photos by Darnell Scott