e.l.f. Skin Care: All Four Products, Reviewed

At $12 or less, these products don't just look more luxurious than their price tag. They feel great, too.
Publish date:
March 12, 2015
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Makeup in the under $5 range doesn't always inspire confidence--except in the case of e.l.f., one of my favorite affordable brands.

As you can guess, I was pretty excited to learn that e.l.f. was tipping its toe in the skin care pool.

They dropped the news on their website at the end of 2014; fans could pre-order and the four most popular items would be out in January. The four products that won are the Daily Hydrating Moisturizer, Soothing Serum, Illuminating Eye Cream, and Nourishing Night Cream, all of which are available now online and will be in stores soon (early summer).

Free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, all of these products contain jojoba oil (which I love), aloe, vitamin E, and Shea butter. The eye cream also packs green tea, and both the eye cream and the night cream contain cucumber.

Daily Hydration Moisturizer, $8

This moisturizer has a water-based formula that promises to provide lightweight, non-greasy hydration. It comes in a tube with a handy pump.

Things I didn't like about this moisturizer: it doesn't have any SPF, and it contains fragrance (the other products in this line do not have added fragrance). I don't dislike the fragrance itself, which smells lovely (if a bit strong), but rather the possibility of irritation. Luckily, my skin didn't experience any of that, but I recommend patch testing first if you're sensitive to products with added fragrance.

Other than that, this is a great daily moisturizer. It absorbs quickly, so you can layer it on before doing your makeup, and it leaves skin silky but not greasy. I would say it's great for all skin types, from oily to dry.

Soothing Serum, $12

This serum can be used in the morning under your daily moisturizer and/or in the evening under a night cream.

I love a good serum, as well as anything that promises to soothe skin. This serum did not immediately get rid of my redness, but the morning after applying it my skin looked much, much calmer. It's thicker and more hydrating than the Daily Moisturizer. I also love the pump.

Illuminating Eye Cream, $10

The eye cream promises to minimize the appearance of puffiness and dark circles by hydrating and soothing the under-eye area.

I don't usually use eye creams (I mean, I'm only 24) but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I don't have any under-eye darkness but I do have some fine lines under my eyes; this helped to plump them up a little bit. It's thick and hydrating but it absorbs quickly.

Nourishing Night Cream, $12

The night cream is to be used after cleansing your face in the evening. You can layer it over the Soothing Serum.

This isn't the thickest night cream I've tried, but it's pretty rich and hydrating. After use, my skin felt mostly nourished, save for a stubborn dry patch (between my brows) that I noticed the morning after. Those with extremely dry skin might not love this, but it could be a nice evening cream for the summer months, as it goes on moisturizing, lightweight, and absorbent.

So to recap, I liked all of these products and I plan to keep using each and every one!

Other final notes: Love the packaging, which looks and feels more expensive than it is; love that most of the products are fragrance-free, and that none of them irritated my skin; love the quality of ingredients for the price; and especially love that everything is cruelty-free.

  • Have you gotten your hands on any of these products?
  • What other skin care products would you like to see e.l.f. make? I'd love a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer (or BB cream) with SPF 30.