A Completely Honest, Snark-Free Review Of Ed Hardy's New Perfume, Love Is...

Ed Hardy has tapped into that moment of youth where you are bubbling over with sexual energy, you look good, you feel even better. And youth smells cavity-inducing, crazy sweet.
Publish date:
April 24, 2014
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Look, there's nothing I love more than a party. Well, I used to, before I became a hermit. But before that, I was all about those crisp nights out when I was barely 21, squeezing in and out of bars in downtown Albuquerque, dressing it up and drenching it down in perfume.

Remember those nights? Remember really giving a crap? Remember taking a shower every day? Why am I listening to Phil Collins and crying right now?

Oh, because of lost youth. Right. And it's been an emotional month.

So, that's the moment Ed Hardy is looking for with this new fragrance, Love Is…: a really great night out. And you're young, GOD YOU'RE SO YOUNG! And all your internal organs are like, Yes! Let's do this; we can handle it! And you don't even get hangovers, but you probably say you do because you don't know any better! And you're off with your best friends, and you're downing lemon drop shots and dancing on tables and doing all that nonsense that people like to ridicule but everyone has done it and it. is. a blast.

That’s Love Is... to a T. It's that part of the night when everything is fun, perfect and just a little hazy.

And that’s the saving grace here--that Ed Hardy, a brand whose reputation precedes it, has tapped into that moment of youth where you are bubbling over with sexual energy, you look good, you feel even better, and you're probably going to go to Pound Town with a gentleman or lady of your choosing. It is all very romantic and delightful, very exciting.

However, and before I get too carried away, I do have to mention that the actual perfume is extraordinarily sweet. It is saccharine, cavity-inducing, crazy-sweet. The notes include apple, blackberry, raspberry and vanilla. It actually reminds me of Strawberry Orbit gum. There is nothing to ground it; despite "blackberry" being followed by "musk," this scent is stereotypically sugary. Take from that what you will (I can see "baby prostitute" in the comments already).

The highlight of this fragrance is actually the texture--first of all, you should shake before applying, so the rosy parts mix with the clear parts--but it feels like a dry oil on the skin, very smooth.

Another plus, should you choose to accept this as your new favorite fragrance: a couple of spritzes does the trick and clings for what seems like an eternity. I washed dishes and made huevos rancheros, then I cleaned the bathroom, including scrubbing the tub, sink and toilet, and I still smelled extremely fruity and fertile afterward. I suppose it will find a way to linger on someone’s sheets, which seems like something Ed Hardy would approve of.

There is also a men's fragrance, also called Love Is... and it is some bro potion if I ever smelled one. Same dry oil texture and a little bit reminiscent of ‘80s bug spray (I'm actually having flashbacks of Girl Scout Camp which includes bug spray, plastic tackle boxes, and dirt-caked grass). The actual notes include mint, sandalwood, vetiver, amber and musk.

I've mixed both fragrances together on my wrists at this point, and it will eventually lure a gaggle of anthropomorphized tribal tattoos straight to my apartment, like that scene in "Thriller" where they break into the house, but instead of zombies, it's Ed Hardy fans. And that's cool; they seem like the type to bring their own Bacardi and share.

What fragrances remind you of the wildest nights of your youth? Are you into super-sweet scents?