A DIY Coffee Scrub To Plump Your Skin And Boost Your Mood

This aromatic coffee scrub is great for sloughing and soaking. It'll turn your tub into a spa.
Publish date:
June 16, 2014
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Another day, another exfoliating sesh. I have espoused my deep affection for exfoliating many a time. It's something I hold close to my heart, then I scrub towards it. I find it simultaneously invigorating and relaxing.

With all of my body exfoliating habits (daily and thoroughly before every shower, and with some kind of grainy goop once per week before a bath) I consider myself a devotee. When a new body scrub product or recipe comes my way, I hop in the bath ASAP to give it a try.

Recently, I set out to compare two formulas of Frank Coffee Scrub with my own DIY recipe. I fooled around and fell in love, and now once a week I will be adding yet another stanza to my bath time sonnet to myself.

Body scrubs usually have a few of the same components: A grainy substance to do the legwork, an oil to settle in and moisturize, and a scent to get you excited. Using a caffeinated body scrub can help with circulation, collagen production, and temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Frank Body sent me two out of three of their delightful coffee scrubs, one with coconut flakes and jojoba beads, and another (the OG) with sweet almond oil and orange essence. I let out a guttural sigh when I smelled the coconut formula. I. Freaking. Love. Coconut. All who follow me on Instagram see my regular worship of this fruit. I will probably get hit in the head with a coconut when I’m 90 and retired near the equator. Coconut and coffee in a product nearly guarantees that I will like it. This shiz is absolutely divine.

The original formula performs just as well in my opinion. I am clearly scent biased, but let's talk a bit about the OG. Sweet almond oil, if you aren’t allergic to tree nuts, is a great-smelling oil, and it mixes well with nearly anything.

Frank Body coffee scrubs are made with finely ground robusto coffee beans, which, while not-so-suitable for drinking, impart skin stimulating properties, including caffeine and polyphenols to work for your bod. Each bag of scrub lasts for about five to six applications.

Both of these scrubs made me incredibly happy and left my skin feeling very smooth, moisturized, and yummy smelling. They're also formulated with salt and sugar for extra scrubbing power.

If DIY is more your bag, look no further! Coffee can be cheap or expensive, but I use the cheap stuff. As for oil, use what you feel comfortable with, and maybe save a few bucks by diluting it with grape seed oil, which has no scent. If you need a review on which oils to choose, refer to a piece I did a few weeks ago. I would stay away from anything too heavy, since you want the oil--carrying with it the benefits of the coffee--to absorb into the skin quickly.

My DIY Coffee Scrub Recipe:


1 cup ground coffee (I recommend a medium grind)

½ cup oil of choice (I used grape seed oil)

⅓ cup turbinado sugar

⅓ cup coarse sea salt or Epsom salt

4-6 drops of essential oil of choice (I used frankincense and eucalyptus)

Instructions: Combine oil and coffee and allow to soak overnight or briefly in a saucepan over very low heat (do not let it boil!). Mix in remaining ingredients before use and massage onto slightly dampened skin. Allow scrub to dry for five to 10 minutes rinse with plain water, or just get into the bath and turn your tub into one big cup of Joe, as I did.

Though I am always up for a DIY sesh, I know some of you out there get a lot more satisfaction from purchasing, and that is okay! Either way, get some coffee on that bod. You can bet I will be coffee scrubbing before bath time regularly. It feels so nice to scrub and soak, and the combination of caffeine and oil really does plump the skin. I also tried it on my eyes as a simple way to renew skin cells, and the collagen boosting benefits the scrub has on my thighs is quite exciting.

Do you scrub daily at bath time? How do you make it a super relaxing experience? Candles? Music? A fancy loofah?

Photos by Darnell Scott