Is This Face Oil Really More Hydrating Than Crème de La Mer?

That’s what True Nature Botanicals claims. My dry skin and I put it to the test.
Publish date:
March 23, 2015
face oils, la mer, natural skincare, true nature botanicals

One day a few months ago, I was sifting through my email when I came upon a message from True Nature Botanicals.

I scrolled through, not particularly interested, until my eyes landed on this: “In an Independent Scientific Clinical Study … we learned that Pacific Face Oil not only delivers amazing results, it also outperforms the iconic Crème de La Mer across every test measurement--from wrinkle reduction to increased hydration.”

I requested a sample immediately.

But PR pitch aside, truthfully, I requested the sample out of sheer desperation. This winter, for the first time in my life, the dry areas of my face were absolutely out of control, appearing extremely flaky and dull no matter what attempts I made to moisturize or cover up my skin.

And because hydrating products by the likes of Kiehl’s and Fresh, and even a fat tube of Aquaphor, had totally failed me, I can’t deny that I was skeptical of this face oil, created by a brand that I had never heard of before. After a week of use, however, I was a Pacific Face Oil believer.

I’m not usually one to buy into that “expensive, all-natural ingredients do it better” line; I'm a drugstore skin care gal. In this case, though, I can think of no other explanation for my newly plump, hydrated, flake-free skin. The oil contains no water, fillers, or toxins, and the brand claims to spend five times more than its competitors on its ingredients. Inside this little bottle are oils from chia, kiwi, rosehip, papaya, and passion fruit seeds, all of which are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids.

My only qualm? An odd, carrot-like scent--and not in a fresh, delicious kind of way. I became indifferent to the scent after a few days though, and the positive changes to my skin outweigh the weird smell.

OK, I’ll get to the point: There is no way in hell that Crème de La Mer is more effective than this stuff, especially when it comes to moisturizing. Plus, a one ounce bottle of Pacific Face Oil is $50 cheaper than the same amount of La Mer. All in all, True Nature Botanicals has created a product that’s stellar for your skin and--if you’re into luxury skin care--your wallet.

  • What are your all-time favorite moisturizers?
  • Any Crème de La Mer devotees out there?
  • And just because I’m curious, how much are you willing to pay for perfect skin?