5 Ways To Avoid Dry Winter Skin

Four exfoliating indulgences and one last-minute smooth skin fake-out.
Publish date:
January 28, 2015
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Welp, my skin has finally started to behave like adult skin. I’m no longer shiny with oil and sweat from head to toe after a mere couple of hours outside, and my oil- absorbing sheets are now gathering dust at the bottom of my bag. And, damn, I love it.

That is, I loved it until it got super chilly outside. Turns out now that my heater’s on full blast, my skin has decided to get all peel-y and flaky, mummy-style. But I refuse to deal with all the cracks and ashes, especially the really painful ones, so I got to work test-driving a multitude of body exfoliators. Thank goodness for these skin-saving superstars.

LUSH Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

For a long, long time, I refused to buy a scrub pricier than the cheapest of drugstore picks. I thought, How could one tub of salt possibly be more effective than another? Boy, was I wrong. Thanks to a particularly pushy sales associate at LUSH who was dead set on slathering Rub Rub Rub on my arm, I now know the true meaning of silky smooth skin. Mineral-rich sea salt buffs away flakes while the scent of delicious orange and mimosa blossoms fill my bathroom. After rinsing, I only need the tiniest dollop of lotion to feel totally softened. Plus, this stuff is bright blue, and that just makes me happy, OK?

Soniclear by Michael Todd Antimicrobial Body Brush

When it comes to exfoliating my face, I just don’t think I can give up my trusty Clarisonic Aria. But I nearly threw the thing at the wall when I found out the brand’s body brush heads are only compatible with its expensive PRO and PLUS models. Cue Soniclear, a lifesaver for all those frustrated like me. At $150, it isn't cheap, but you can sleep easy knowing you’re not getting ripped off, since it comes with a truly spectacular body brush as well. I use it every few weeks when I need an extra-deep exfoliating sesh. The fact that it's antimicrobial means you’ll see a lot less scary gunk on the bristles. Insanely soft skin that’s truly clean? Freaking priceless.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Smoothing Body Towels

If chemical exfoliators are more your cup of tea--and I don’t blame anyone that’s into a method involving a little less elbow grease--then you’ve got to pick up these body towelettes. Equipped with glycolic, mandelic, and salicylic acids, as well as witch hazel water, these multi-taskers effortlessly whisk away flakes, but also unclog pores, brighten skin. They even boast some major anti-aging properties.

Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

This list simply wouldn’t be complete without a means of tackling my feet, my driest and most disgusting of body parts. Now that I’m armed with this stellar product, I can’t help but ask myself what I was ever doing wielding a pumice stone that belonged in the Flintstones era. I’m much more content--and effectively exfoliated-- with this electronic file. With a flick of your wrist, the long-lasting but replaceable micro-abrasive head files away even the most stubborn calluses.

LAST RESORT: Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

All right, so this isn’t really an exfoliator. But when you’ve got somewhere to be, stat, and no time to scrub away dead skin, it does camouflage it, like, insanely well. With its high-tech pigments, it’s like putting on flesh-tone stockings minus feeling like a 90-year-old woman. And while you’re painting the town with your flawless gams, this balm will be working to hydrate and brighten your legs.

  • So, tell me: Do you also become a snake shedding its skin come wintertime? Sympathize with me, people!
  • What are your all-time favorite exfoliators? Any awesome drugstore picks?

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