You'll Want To Use This Dry Oil On All Your Parts

I love discovering a new product.
Publish date:
July 15, 2014
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Because I spend a good portion of my personal and professional life looking into, testing, trying, and loving beauty products, I am always so sure that I will never come across something new. The best part of holding onto this belief is when it turns out to be untrue. I love when this happens--it’s like Christmas. (If you celebrate Christmas, that is.)

About a week ago, I stumbled upon a multi-purpose dry oil from Nuxe. I had seen dry oils here and there in the past, but always assumed they were just weird, messy moisturisers disguised as something fancy. I admit, 90% of the reason I purchased the Nuxe Huile Progidieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil ($29) was because of the bottle. The other 10% is because my face was feeling tight and dry, and I was desperate to make that feeling go away for more than a few hours post-moisturising.

Well, colour me impressed with my new discovery. I can see why this cult product has achieved its status. The first pro to this little wonder-product is its smell. I am an avid hater of all things smelly, but I can definitely get behind this scent. I can’t really describe it much, other than to say it smells like comfort and cable-knit and warm cream walls and hardcover classic fiction novels and a heavy gold watch (I guess I’m more of a visual thinker?).

The oils in this oil include macadamia, hazelnut, borrage, almond, and camellia. But because it also contains cyclomethicone, it is non-greasy and light. This means that dry oils are suitable for wintertime, summertime, bedtime, morning-time, anytime. Cyclomethicone is an odourless, colourless silicone that stays on the surface of the skin because the molecules are too big to enter the skin’s top layer.

Here I used Nuxe Huile Progidieuse next to some regular castor oil mixed with olive oil (the blend I use to oil cleanse my pores) and, as you can see, one is greasy AF, while the other offers just a slight, moisturised, satiny glow.

This means no slick skin, no stained clothing, and no sand sticking all over you if you like to shine up a bit before the hitting the beach.

Dry oils can be used anywhere--including your hair. I mostly use my Huile Prodigieuse on my face and elbows, but I will sometimes dab the excess onto my ends, giving them a bit of a boost and softness when they’re looking dull or dry. Cyclomethicone allows dry oils to do their thang by helping the nutrients enter your hair shaft.

The best time to use your dry oil is the same as any other oil: after showering, to lock in that delicious moisture. You can also blend it with your regular moisturiser for added oomph. Treat. Yo. Self.

Have you guys discovered any new (to you) products lately? Or have a favorite dry oil? Let me know--I love hearing about new things!