Dragon's Blood: It's Real And Really Great For Your Skin

Slay those gray circles right off your face with dragon's blood infused products.
Publish date:
September 24, 2013
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As you may have guessed, dragon's blood doesn't actually come from a mythical, fire-breathing beast and it is not, in fact, blood. Dragon's blood is actually a sap derived from the Dragon Tree and gets its name from its deep, red color. It's long been used in the Eastern hemisphere for its medicinal and beauty-enhancing properties and is making its way into the Western world, as well. Marci even wrote about a product with dragon's blood in it not too long ago; it's totally becoming a new "it" ingredient in the beauty world.

I decided to hop aboard the dragon's blood bandwagon with one of my favorite brands: Wei (and its less expensive cousin, Wei East). Wei is a long time favorite of mine, partially because I've been drawn to Chinese and Asian remedies/products for many years now, but also because their stuff is double-thumbs-up quality. Today I'm reviewing dragon's blood by way of Wei East's Dragon Tree Dramatic Lift Face Concentrate serum and Wei Dragon Blood Eye Lifting Pad.

We'll start with the pad, which, according to the box, is specially formulated with dragon's blood to brighten under eye circles and diminish the appearance of sagging skin over time. We'll see about that.

The first thing I noticed about the mask was that it felt very cool against my skin, which automatically made me feel more alert. As the 10 minute wearing time went by, I also noticed a faint tingling sensation, which was more calming than anything. After removing it, my skin felt a little plumper, was definitely more hydrated and the under eye circles, while not completely gone, were definitely less noticeable.

The "after" is incoming, but let's first apply the Wei East Dragon Tree Dramatic Lift Face Concentrate, a serum also formulated with dragon's blood and a skin-strengthening resin.

I've been using this product post-face washing for the last week and I love it. It has a super, super silky texture and moisturizes my face without leaving any sort of film or greasy residue. There's nothing worse than that slick, gloppy feeling hours after you've applied your nightly moisturizer or serum. If that ever happens to you, stop using the product. That means it's just sitting on your skin instead of getting absorbed.

Wei says to use a moisturizer after 10 minutes, but I find that this serum is moisturizing enough and that no other products are necessary.

And there's my after face, roughly an hour after waking up and wearing the eye mask/serum. I think it's definitely an improvement from the before picture, don't you?

Weird ingredients aside, I want to hear about your morning "refresh" routine. How do you de-puff, de-sag and de-gray in the morning?