Does The Zeno Hot Spot Really Work On Zits?

It's the review you've been waiting for since 2010!
Publish date:
November 28, 2013
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A long time ago, whenever I'd set foot into a drugstore, I'd see this Zeno zit zapper thingamabob staring at me, waiting, longing for me to pick it up and give it a home. But alas, it was always a little too expensive for my wallet, and on the shelf it remained, never to touch a blemish on my face.

Fast forward to now: the Zeno Acne Clearing Device's little brother, the Zeno Hot Spot, under $40, seemed like a good, affordable alternative. It's not a new product by any means, but I thought an honest before-and-after always makes for a good post.

Would it live up to my high school dreams?

The answer: sort of.

The device works by delivering heat through a tiny metal tip, which you apply directly onto the zit to kill bacteria. Each treatment lasts 2.5 minutes.

For pimples that you feel are just about to appear--you know, those red splotches that are just getting ready for the battle?--the Hot Spot does a pretty good job at pacifying those after just one go.

The more stubborn ones take way more than one treatment, which wouldn't be so annoying except for the fact that the Hot Spot only lasts for 80 treatments before you have to throw it away and replace it.

One might argue, however, that since it can be more effective than some topicals, it's still worth the price tag.

It's also worth noting that while I do suffer from the regular breakout here and there, my skin is fairly clear nowadays, so I wouldn't recommend this for anyone with more moderate to severe acne. Unless you're rich. But then, just go to your dermatogolist, ya cheapskate.

Onto the pictures.

It's not completely vanished, but definitely less bumpy, red and inflamed. Two more treatments should do the trick.

Would I recommend the Zeno Hot Spot? Yep, totally--especially if you can get it on sale. It's easy to use, and the results are visible, particularly if you catch those suckers early.

Have you tried a Zeno? Did it work for you? What's your ultimate favourite acne banishing product?