Antiperspirant That Stops Sweat for a Week? I Put it to the Test

Because sweating is the pits (badum-cshhhh)!
Publish date:
June 5, 2015
armpits, sweating, antiperspirant, SweatBlock

Every time the weather hits anywhere north of 70 degrees or is humid, I start to sweat excessively. This is something that I’ve been self-conscious about for a very long time, and nothing thus far but a seven-layer cake of deodorant has been able to keep the sweat somewhat at bay.

With summer fast approaching, I went on the hunt for something that would help me out in that regard.

Enter SweatBlock antiperspirant towelettes…

These towelettes are meant to deliver clinical-strength antiperspirant to your armpits and keep you sweat-free for up to a week; but do they actually work?

I really wanted to make sure that these towelettes worked for both hairless and hairy underarms so I skipped shaving one armpit in order to test it in both conditions. Per the directions, I applied the individually wrapped sheet directly to my freshly cleaned underarms by patting it against the area. The little towel was pretty saturated with product, but didn’t seem to drip anywhere. I did notice a scent to it, though—almost like cheap cinnamon candy.

After I let the area dry (the box says five minutes but mine dried in three) I went to sleep, woke up the next day, and showered as usual (instructions state that showering won’t negatively affect product results). I felt pretty weird not going through my usual layering routine, and I was pretty paranoid all day that I was going to sweat through my dress.

Thankfully, that was not the case! I didn’t sweat under either arm all day or for the rest of the entire week! I wasn’t able to test this doing intense exercising (my ankle is still healing post-accident), but I did some light floor exercises in my apartment, and while I was sweating pretty much everywhere else, my underarm area remained dry.

After a week, I decided to try it in another area that I have sweat issues: my feet. (Quick note: I realize that sweating is a necessary process of the body, so I skipped the pits the week I used SweatBlock on my feet so as to not overdo it.) I had pretty similar results when used on the feet (this time it only lasted five days) and I was so impressed!

Let’s talk about what I didn’t like…

My biggest issue with this product is that it does not in any way control odor. I have a strong natural body odor if left unchecked, and this definitely did nothing to aid in that. What I ended up doing was keeping some Say Yes To Cucumbers Wipes on hand to freshen up throughout the day and keep the odor to a minimum. It wasn’t exactly convenient, but it helped.

Although it is very effective at keeping sweat at bay, a box of eight towelettes (approximately a two month supply) runs about $20, so it doesn’t seem as cost-effective to me, especially since odor control is really an important factor to me.

Overall, I definitely think this product does what it promises, and I would recommend that people considering Botox injections give this a whirl first; I’m just not sure if it’s for me long-term.

  • What products do you use to keep excessive sweating at bay?
  • Do you find sweat or odor control to be more important?