10-Day Test: Does Rice Flour Help Fade Acne Marks?

After a bout of angry skin, I've been dealing with some lingering red spots from past blemishes. Let's see if this simple DIY makes a difference.
Publish date:
January 24, 2014
exfoliation, acne, DIY, brightening, acne scars, discoloration, rice flour

My skin basically revolted over the holidays. Maybe it was the stress of preparing for a two-week trip back to Indiana for Christmas (there were so. many. deadlines). Maybe it was my skin's response to the abrupt weather change. Maybe it was the fact that I got sick or that I was PMSing for a good chunk of the time.

All I know is that my skin was angry after a long and joyous stretch of gorgeous, glowing derma. My skin is (VERY) slowly getting better now that my stress levels are lowered and I'm back in my own environment, but I'm dealing with some lingering red spots from past blemishes. We all know how stubborn those guys can be.

I figured, what better time than now to do a little experiment. I'd read somewhere a while back that rice flour expedites the acne-mark fading process, so I decided to give it a whirl on my own face.

Fun fact: Rice flour is a somewhat common ingredients in skincare, especially in Asia. It's supposedly a lightening and brightening agent and many companies and women swear by it. You'll find it in both store-bought products and DIY beauty recipes.

I decided to minimize my variables in this experiment by only using rice flour and water. Little measuring was done. I just mixed the two until I got a nice, easy-to-apply consistency.

I created this little concoction every single day for 10 days. I then applied it to my face and let it set for about 10 minutes. I did get sidetracked a few days and ended up leaving it on for longer. It dries rather quickly and tightens the skin. It also feels ever-so-slightly itchy as it dries.

The rice flour actually makes for a brilliant exfoliator, as it's very finely milled and extremely gentle. I always worry about micro skin tears when using physical exfoliants, but wasn't too concerned with this.

The Results

Just a fair warning before you continue… these pictures are rough. I took them first thing in the morning without any makeup (obviously) and without doing my hair. I'm also in my slouchy sweaters. The glamour's been sucked completely out of this whole article. Enjoy!

In the end… I am not really sure how effective the rice flour was in terms of minimizing my lingering red spots. We all know that they do heal eventually, so it's hard to say if time or rice flour is the hero here. I DO think that it helped some, though, particularly because of the exfoliating factors at play, here.

I think it's definitely worth trying if you're dealing with stubborn spots, as it's gentle, natural, smells good and is relatively inexpensive.

Tell me: What have you found to be the best product that expedites acne healing?