This "Slimming" Body Lotion Is Actually Really Good at a Lot of Other Things

For the record, I like my body the way it is — promise. But no one ever complained about a little extra tone.
Publish date:
March 28, 2016
body lotion, Nip+fab, Slimming

I was walking through the clearance beauty aisle in Target one day, as I tend to do since Target has really been amping up its beauty game lately. And while I was there, I stumbled upon a bunch of Nip + Fab products. I've heard about the brand before, and I think the packaging is cute, so I took a look through what was on sale and found a tube of the Nip + Fab Body Slim Fix. It was marked down 30% and so I thought, this could be an interesting experiment.

I'm not one of those girls who exercises. The most I do is dance at a party or walk really fast through crowded streets because I can't stand slow walkers. I go to the gym every few months, but I spend my time on the stationary bike. Lifting weights and other workouts that would tone my body are definitely not on my radar, so when I saw that this cream claims it can "improve the appearance of your body contours" and that it has a "2-in-1 fitness formula to hydrate + tone the skin," I figured I should try it out. I needed a new moisturizer anyway, so it couldn't hurt.

For the record, I like my body the way it is — promise. But no one ever complained about a little extra tone. And if I can get it from a lotion, that's pretty awesome.

The brand highlights the product's three main ingredients: "Unislim" to help sculpt and refine body contours, cocoa butter to soften and smooth, and caffeine extract to help improve skin tone and texture. So far, I've tried it for about a week and I can say it's lived up to two of the three claims. I have no idea what Unislim is, but I don't think my arms, thighs, or hips look any slimmer. They do look and feel different, though.

After applying the moisturizer in circular motions twice a day like the packaging instructed me, my skin is noticeably softer — not just right after I apply it, but whenever I touch my skin it feels smoother. Maybe it didn't slim me down, but my skin's texture is better, and my cellulite seems smoothed out. I have no idea how to explain it, but something worked with this product.

At first, I was using big globs of product because it didn't feel like it was really staying on my skin, but as I used it more, I realized that the formula just isn't very greasy like a lot of the other moisturizers I've used. It sinks in and feels natural after I apply it, so I don't need a ton of it. Plus, it smells pretty good — it's fresh and isn't overpowering.

So far, I like the lotion and I'll keep using it until it's empty. I'm not sure I'd get this one again, but I'm definitely interested in trying some more Nip + Fab products. I don't look any slimmer, but I do like how my skin feels. In the end, that's really what matters to me.

  • Have you ever used a so-called slimming product?
  • Have you found one that works?