I Put This "Breast Hygiene" Cream to the Sweaty Boob Test

How well does Fresh Breasts — yes, that's what it's called — hold up in 110-degree weather and a 40-minute workout?
Publish date:
August 1, 2016
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The other day, I received a small box of products sent from Marci at Time Inc. headquarters. In that box were lovely, unexpected things — things I've yet to share with you all. But naturally, I was immediately attracted to a light pink tube that read “Fresh Breasts.”


I mean, as a woman with a sizable chest (one that I truly do consider a blessing and a curse) who lives in a city where summer temperatures don't get below 90 at night and soar into the 110s in the daytime, I've got a lot of sweat to contend with. I find myself rinsing off in the shower multiple times a day — both for my own personal relief and as a courtesy to others — and I have to wear clothing that doesn't show sweat, lest everyone know my chest region is a swampy mess.

To be fair, the sweat isn't so bad if I'm sitting inside of an air-conditioned building. However, spending even five minutes outdoors under the blazing sun, or working out indoors is... not pretty. So yeah, I was excited to try Fresh Breasts.

For this experiment, I hopped into the shower for a quick rinse off, patted myself completely dry, and then squeezed out a generous amount of Fresh Breasts cream into the palm of my hand. I rubbed it between my two hands and then applied it over my entire chest, especially focusing on the area underneath my breasts were sweat tends to accumulate.

The unscented cream turns into a talc-free cooling powder as it dries down. This feels nice, but you have to be careful because the powdery stuff transfers easily. I learned the hard way that you should wash your hands after applying, as the product got all over my clothes and I had to change. It sort of looked like deodorant streaks.

Anyway, the cream created a light, powdery finish on my breasts and made them feel soft.

I put the cream to a serious test not once, but twice. First, I took a 20-minute walk around my neighborhood in 110-degree heat. There was sweat, yes, but there was less sweat than normal. For comparison, I did a walk the next day around the same time without the cream and there was a noticeable increase in wetness.

The second test involved an indoor, 40-minute high-intensity cardio workout. Even though I was in an air-conditioned building, there was definitely more sweat accrual in this second test. However, it was technically less wetness than normal for this particular workout. More importantly, I noticed the product's ability to prevent skin irritation. Its claims of "anti-chafing" held up, and to me, that's an even more desirable quality than anti-sweat. Because boob chafing is not cool at all.

So would I recommend it? Yes. If you struggle with the boob sweat swamp monster, this is actually a legit solution. Again, you need to be careful with application because, despite the product's claims, it can get a little messy. Also, even though this is called "Fresh Breasts," this cream also works on other areas, including in between your thighs.

  • Would you try a product like this?
  • What's your sweat and chafing situation like in the summer months?
  • Any boob sweat hacks you care to share? Remember this one?