Quick Question: Do You Pop Your Blisters?

This post is full of gross words, but also cute doggies.
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July 5, 2013
Quick Question, dogs, blisters, Neosporin

In my efforts to do something other than watch the Twilight Zone marathon on July 4th, I walked a total of 14 blocks to and from Commonwealth, a self-proclaimed "pretty decent bar" in my neighborhood, to meet up with my friends Sonny and Kristina, and Kristina's new dachschund puppy, Igby.

Doesn't sound like a major schlep, right? Well, tell that to my right heel.

As I was walking home--before fireworks had even started--I had to stop and tuck the backs of my shoes under my foot just to finish the second half of the walk.

It wasn't until this morning that I noticed a gigantic water blister on the back of my right foot. I know I should probably leave it alone, but I'm alllll about dermatillomania, so I did what I always do: I poked a hole in it and drained it. It splooshed out in pretty dramatic fashion, so I felt like I hadn't really missed the fireworks after all.

I've been known to peel the loose blister skin off, but I refrained this time. I know that always ends up causing more tenderness. Instead, I'm just dabbing Neosporin on it. Well, not really Neosporin--Rite Aid Antibiotic Cream Plus! (The exclamation point is part of the title because who wouldn't be excited about a little pain relief in their antibiotic cream, right?)

So, yeah, it's annoying as hell to have walked, like, half a mile and gotten a major blister. But here's why it was totally worth it:

Today's QQ: Do you pop your blisters? Do you have the willpower to leave them alone? What's your favorite way to prevent them?