Does In-Shower Lotion Moisturize as Well as Body Butter? I Bathed Several Times to Find Out

Because putting on body moisturizer is such a pain in the butt, am I right?
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January 27, 2016
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My beauty-related New Years resolution is to be consistent with my skin and body care.

I always make a good effort to keep up with my skincare routine for about a week until I get bored and lazy and I just can’t be bothered to actually do it anymore. This is when my skin flips out a little bit and I kick it back in action.

Same goes for body care. I used to be religious about putting a moisturizer on my endlessly dry and itchy legs until last summer; I used go through a container of body butter from The Body Shop pretty much every other month, and right now I’m only about half way done with the one I got in July. Yikes.

Why is putting on body moisturizer such a pain in the butt? Seriously, whenever I get out of the shower (which is prime time for moisturizing) that extra step after I’m dried off becomes a bigger pain than it really should be — specially now that it’s a bit colder when I get out of the shower, which makes it even harder to sit there and rub moisturizer into my goose-bumpy legs.

So, to keep to my resolution, I decided to find a better way to moisturize and, just for fun, test a few in-shower moisturizing products on half my body against my go-to body butter on the other half.

The Body Shop Body Butter has been my standard for many reasons. First up is that it smells gorgeous, and there's a scent for everyone. My boyfriend is a fan of the olive one, and I stick to the sweeter scents. This raspberry one smells like raspberry ice cream, which is pretty amazing. Plus, the scent is strong enough to hang around, but not so strong that it’s annoying. Also, from the ten or so The Body Shop body butters that I’ve used up, I can tell you with certainty that they are crazy-moisturizing.

Now, as much as I’ve talked up these body butters, they aren’t perfect. They are a bit greasy at first — usually that is A-OK with me — but it makes it semi-impossible to put on skinny jeans or leggings until after it has sunk in. Also, the moisture doesn’t last all day; after the initial sheen wears off (several hours after applying) you may start to feel dry again, depending on how dry your skin is to start.

I wanted to replace my body butter with something that ticked all the same positive marks of the body butter, while fixing the few pains. And it had to be, ya know, not another body butter or lotion because I just wasn’t using the one I had anyway. This, of course, brings us to in shower body moisturizers.

The first contestant is the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion. The cocoa butter version is new, and the scent seriously takes me back to younger years. There are a couple of other versions — specifically for dry and another for very dry skin — that had scents I wasn’t more fond of for myself, but my boyfriend loved them for himself.

Ultimately, this in-shower lotion was the least moisturizing of the contenders, and the scent didn’t stick around; I’ll be saving it for summer when I don’t need as much intense moisture.

WINNER: Body Butter

Next up is the Olay Quench In Shower Body Lotion. This drugstore cheapie seemed like a solid contender to win against the body butter. It's thicker than the Nivea choice, and leaves a more noticeable moisture barrier on your skin, so when you rinse it off, the water will bead up on your skin. Its scent is pleasantly soapy, but you’ll never notice it unless you literally sniff your arm or leg or whatever.

However, it just barely misses out on beating the body butter because the moisturizing effect didn’t last quite as long as good ol’ BB, but it was a close one.

WINNER: Body Butter

The last test subject is the Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. Pricier than both of the previous contenders combined, this is nothing to sneeze at for $34. But if you're ever having a "treat yo’ self" moment, pick this up.

The scent is to die for. It’s rose, but not a powdery, elderly, rose. It’s creamier and slightly sweet and will absolutely stick around on your skin, which is a very good thing in this case. Similar to the Olay lotion, the Lush option leaves an oil barrier on your skin that will bead up water when you rinse it off. This oil actually sticks with you all day, and it left my perpetually itchy legs happy.

WINNER: Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

Have you ever tried an in shower body moisturizer?

What is your beauty resolution?

What are your favorite body care products?