The Broke Girl Facial: Feel Amazing For $4 A Week

When a spa facial isn't in the budget, DIY.

Every spa-going woman in my life has told me that I should get a facial. Unfortunately, I don’t wake up in a bed of $100 bills every morning, or else it’d be facials and massages every dang day.

Not being one to deny myself indulgences or self-care, I decided that even if it was going to be a small step down from a spa facial, I was going to start working an at-home facial into my weekly routine. The initial investment was under $40, and I’ve been able to do at least one facial a week for the last three months. That's less than $4 per facial--and I’m only halfway through most of my supplies

The facial is made up four steps: cleanse, exfoliate, masque, moisturize. Here's what I use.

Cleanser: Everyday Coconut Face Wash In addition to being gentle and effective, this made-in-America vegan face wash is cruelty-free, gluten-free, non-gmo, and uses certified fair trade ingredients.

Exfoliant: DIY Lemon, Sugar and Olive Oil Scrub I use a recipe of one tablespoon of sugar, a little bit of olive oil, a few drops of water, and three drops of Aura Cacia Lemon Essential Oil. You could another essential oil other than lemon, such as mint, rosemary, lavender, rose, orange, or whatever scent you prefer.

Masque: Argiletz French Green Illite Clay and Ziyad Rose WaterUse any clay masque that you'd like for this step. Argiletz French green clay is a powder that can apparently be used as both a masque AND a detox drink. I combine it with Ziyad Rose Water, which is available in most stores that sell Middle Eastern foods. You can also make your own rose water very easily.

Moisturizer: Everyday Coconut Night Face Cream You want a heavy moisturizer for this last step of my broke girl facial. I love Everyday Coconut so this is a no-brainer for me.

So, Let's Get Ready To RUMBLE!

Step One. Make your exfoliant and masque (if necessary) and have them ready and waiting. Don't worry if the exfoliant separates a little, but make sure the masque isn’t too thin.

Step Two. Wash your dirty face.

Step Three. Scrub the exfoliant all over your face, but don't go too H.A.M., especially if you’re using a citrus oil. You don’t want to irritate your skin.

Step Four. Soak a wash cloth in hot water, wring it out, and rest it on your face for two minutes to open up your pores.

Step Five. Apply the masque and wait. It’ll be done when the whole masque is light green and it feels funny to move your face.

Step Six. Moisturize. Et voilà! Your skin is beautiful.

How do you treat yourself, and your skin, when your budget doesn't allow a trip to the spa? What products do you use?