That Time I Used Dish Soap As Bubble Bath

I ran out of my favorite expensive bath oil, so I reached for the closest similarly-scented liquid.
Publish date:
October 2, 2013
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Lemme tell you about my favorite thing ever: L’occitane Amande Shower Oil. The observant among you may have noticed that I’ve been hawking it in the comments for weeks, but I love it so much that I figure it's time to tell the whole Vain-iverse.

This oil blend, which is based on skin-nourishing sweet almond oil, is moisturizing and softening. But unlike other oil blends that are popping up all over the place these days, this also has a bit of a lathering agent in it; not a big, bubbly, skin-drying lather, but a thick, creamy kind akin to what you get from old-timey men’s shaving creams.

That, coincidentally, is why it is my favorite shaving medium. The thick lather gives a crazy-close shave, while the oil moisturizes and prevents irritation. Unlike straight oils that some of y’all like to shave with, though, it won’t clog up your razor, and it won’t make your bathtub floor all slippery and dangerous.

After shaving, I follow up by using it as an all-over body wash. It feels soapy-clean, but the oil eliminates the need for that annoyingly time-consuming post-shower lotion application.

If I’m feeling extra-fancy, I’ll pour a little into my bath (suitably posh for my clawfoot tub, cause I’m a fancy bitch) and let it foam errythang up and make my bath smell delicious.

THE SMELL. OMG, the smell, you guys. It's kinda dessert-y smelling thanks to the sweet almond oil, but it has some really delicate floral notes, which I can’t describe and act like I know what I’m talking about when it comes to perfume, but trust me, you guys. The smell is EVERYTHING. It is a million angels dancing through a dew-kissed meadow, carrying baskets of warm, fresh snickerdoodles.

I have a problem with wanting to eat good-smelling beauty products and I am surprised I have not yet swallowed a whole bottle of this yet. It's floral, but not so much that it will bother you if you’re not into floral. It's gourmand, but not so gourmand that it smells like literal food, if that’s not your thing.

This stuff is the best of all stuff, ever. I use it for everything related to water touching my body. Which is how I ran out of it.

The one and only downside of this magical shower oil is that it is pretty spendy, and since I’m a real adult with a budget now, I can’t go buy more yet.


So when I was running a bath last weekend and craving some almondy-goodness, I got a really weird idea.

I’ve been using Earth Friendly Dishmate Dishwashing liquid in sweet almond for years now, on my dishes--you know, the thing its made for. But because this stuff is made with natural ingredients, has no harsh surfactants, and contains a whole bunch of sweet almond oil, just like my L’Occitane oil, I threw some into my bath.

It doesn’t have the deliciously complex scent that Amande shower oil does, but it still fills up my bathroom with almond-y goodness. It gives good foam, and best off all, doesn’t dry out my skin and leave me with post-bubble-bath itchiness like so many bath soaps do.

I wouldn’t use it for shaving or body wash, but as bath products go, it makes a decent substitute...?

What is your favorite bathtime luxury? And do you have any creative cheapy replacements?