CUTE COUPLE ALERT! Bioderma Créaline H20 + Cotton Clouds

It's the best makeup remover ever, and the second cutest cotton ever, after the candy version obviously.
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April 3, 2013
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My old roommate turned me onto this, because she's fancy and likes hard-to-find European stuff.

I can't tell you much about it because the label's in French and y'all know I don't speak the French, right? Although, I'm smart and can use context clues, so this is what I gather:

A point of innovation, the laboratory of dermatology BIODERMA is the creator of miracle solutions. Specially formulated for the sensitive eyes, the miracle solution Créaline H2O is guaranteed to decode your face and your eyes (take off makeup resistant to water). The miracle continues, Dans, the formula is permitted in the elimination of impurities, really in respect of equilibrium cuties (without soap, pH psychology). This actives peasants and decongests preventative the sensations of irritation so lie and neck. The natural complex briefly D.A.F. augments the soul of tolerance of sensitive eyes.

Excellent tolerance super cuties and eye stuff (tested in the control of opthamologist).

How to Employ

Imbibe the cotton. Neck/skin the face it is you. Renew the application just in case you didn't get the proper amount on the cotton. Such is the skin of delicate tampons. Utilize maintain and soar.

So a lot of that is wrong. But basically this stuff is the best eye-makeup remover ever. I'm pretty sure it's just water that's been blessed by hot magical cherub angel witches. There's no smell, no color, and has the same viscocity as the H2O that it's named after. I will note that as of 30 seconds ago, I can say that it does not taste like water.

It's not greasy, doesn't sting, doesn't irritate your skin, and takes off pretty much any kind of makeup. I've used it on "long-wearing" red lipstick that I didn't want to wear for very long. Also my brother bought it for me for Christmas so that my little eyes wouldn't be irritated with all the makeup I'd have to wear for this new job thing. Isn't that sweet and cute!?

Such a fancy European flu-eed deserves fancy cotton pads, right? Wrong. There's nothing fancy about being stupid and buying those really expensive cotton pads from the high-end makeup brands. But there's always room for cute, thus I present to you: Cotton Clouds. In rainbow flavor, obviously.

What's your fancy european beauty product that you probably shouldn't buy from an unauthorized seller on Amazon? Tell me in the comments!