Quick Question: Could You Bring Yourself To Use Soap THIS CUTE?

I'm asking on behalf of Madeline, who can't decide whether to use, display or eat it. (Please don't eat it, Mad.)
Publish date:
June 4, 2013
Quick Question, soap, cute, dessert, KollectionK

A few weeks ago, Madeline placed an order for adorable Korean beauty products from KollectionK, and then gushed about what she received on xoJane.

When KollectionK saw her post, they were all like, "HERE, HAVE SOME MORE!" and sent her the most adorable soaps in the history of hygiene.

They immediately reminded me of the erasers I collected as a kid. I looooooved erasers that looked like anything but erasers. and I sure as hell didn't use them to do any erasing! And I don't think I'd use these soaps to wash up, either.

Right now, she's keeping the smaller ones, like the ring cookie, in her lingerie drawer to make her unmentionables smell more mentionable, and she has the bigger ones, like the cupcake, up on a shelf with tchotchkes, including but not limited to a corgi figurine.

But should she actually use them in the bathroom for washy purposes at some point? Today's Quick Question By Proxy: Could you bring yourself to use soap THIS CUTE?