Quick Question: What's Your Favorite "Cult Favorite"?

And why do you think cults are so into beauty products? Shouldn't they be doing, like, cult stuff?

Maybe it only seems like this to me because I'm in the trenches, but doesn't it seem like the beauty industry is the only industry with "cult favorites"? OK, the film industry has them, too. But other than that? Are there cult-favorite hunting rifles? Cult-favorite heirloom tomatoes? Cult-favorite dog bandannas?

I rounded up a few arguable cult favorites lying around the xoVain office:

Personally, I think I'm too fickle to get attached to any particular cult favorite.

Also, I like to pretend to that I don't understand what "cult favorite" means and interpret it as the favorite beauty products of Millenarianists.

So, QQ: What's YOUR favorite cult favorite? One of the ones pictured? Something else?