Best Drunk Impulse Buy Ever: This Cleanser I Got at a Craft Fair

My skin has just gotten better and better since I picked up this Ayurveda-inspired powder cleanser.
Publish date:
March 1, 2016
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My skin has been pretty great lately: soft and bright and glowy. What made the difference? An Ayurveda-inspired powder cleanser that I impulse-bought while day-drunk at a craft fair in a Chicago bar, of course.

In November, my husband and I took a slightly delayed honeymoon. Chicago in late November — what could be more scenic or romantic? I was feeling unusually lazy and barely contributed to the trip planning at all. Fortunately, my husband is a great planner and mapped out 10 days of fun. When the wind wasn't blowing us off our feet, we walked all over the city taking in theatre, standup comedy and museums.

It felt like a real vacation to me. I barely kept track of our plans from day to day, and each day was a delightful surprised. One day, he took me to a craft fair in The Empty Bottle, an indie rock bar in the Ukrainian Village/West Town area. Craft fairs are deeply boring to my husband, but we both like bars!

I've always like to make things, and I have lots of crafty friends. As a result, I've kind of hit a point where I don't need a bunch of of zipper pouches or earrings made from Scrabble tiles. I looked at all the booths, wanting to buy something because everyone was so nice, but just not finding anything I wanted. No harm done — we just bellied up to the bar an enjoyed a couple leisurely pints.

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, so we decided to push on to the next bar, preferably one that sold fresh-baked pretzels. As we made our way back to the door, a booth of soaps and scrubs caught my eye. I'd barely looked at it on the way in. I've had bad experiences with skincare bought from craft fairs and farmer's markets, and I hadn't wanted to linger when I didn't intend to buy anything.

But Drunk Kat is a lot less polite than Sober Kat. And Drunk Kat is grabby. So the next thing I knew, I had picked up a cardboard cylinder. I couldn't tell what the product was, and that intrigued me. What was in the tube? It certainly wasn't a sugar scrub or a bath bomb or another craft-fair mainstay.

The vendor, perhaps fearing for her merchandise, sweetly explained that it was her Balancing Powder Facial Cleanser, a powdered face wash made from chickpea and oat flour, goat's milk, turmeric, neem, and other traditionally Ayurvedic ingredients.

Sold! Drunk Kat is also impulsive and pretty free with her money.

The next morning, I looked at my new purchase from Pure Principles. I was skeptical. There was no way an impulse drunk skincare purchase from a random craft fair was going to be good, right?

But when I tried it, I was surprised by how much I liked it. My skin felt clean and soft, but not stripped. I kept using it — and that's when the magic happened. My skin just got better and better.

I don't follow or even know much about Ayurveda. But I do know that my skin loves this stuff. It gets a daily dose of vitamin C, lactic acid, and anti-inflammatory herbs. Chickpeas and oats contain natural cleansers called saponins, so I know my skin is getting properly cleaned, too. I can even adjust the amount of water to control how exfoliating it is.

Hands-down, this is my new favourite cleanser — and my best-ever drunk impulse purchase!

  • Have you ever tried craft fair beauty?
  • What's the best thing you ever bought while drunk?