Using This Copper Face Mask Was Like Living in a Horror Movie (But It Gave Me Great Skin)

Things went from "Oooh, shiny!" to "Owww, shit!" pretty fast.
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September 8, 2016
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These days, I refuse to use any mask that's not a sheet mask, since peeling or washing a mask off usually irritates my sensitive crybaby skin too much. However, I decided to make an exception for this C U Shine Copper Mask because I'm actually three raccoons standing on each other's shoulders inside a human costume and thus cannot pass up anything that is shiny.

Seriously, the moment I poured some out of the tube, I knew I had to slather it all over my face and take a picture for you guys.

Yes, it's a little messy, but that's OK because it dries really fast. The instructions say to apply it in a very thin layer, but I went a little HAM with it because I really wanted it to look like my face had been covered in liquid gold.

Unfortunately, the end result was a little splotchy but it did look very cool close-up.

It dried completely in about 10 to 15 minutes, which is plenty of time for sending a million selfies on Snapchat and walking around your house looking for people to freak out.

After I realized how much fun it was to peel the dried mask off my fingers — it's just like peeling off dried glue — I got really excited to peel it off my face. Just think how satisfying it would be to peel it all off in one piece!

Spoiler alert: It was satisfying. It was also kind of painful.

It started out OK, but I very quickly realized that I made a fatal error: I applied the mask way too close to my eyes. Peeling the mask off that sensitive eye area definitely made my eyes tear up.

Is it too late to warn you about the next gif? Because this is gonna be some horror-movie-level shit right here.

Is anyone still reading this or did you all get way too grossed out and leave?

Well, for those of you who weren't eating their lunch while reading this, let's soldier on.

I did manage to peel the whole thing off in one piece, so there's that. If you have kids around, they'll get a kick out of wearing the creepy gold mask.

OK, so we've established that the mask is fun and novel. But is it effective?

This mask mainly focuses on anti-aging, which isn't really a concern for me yet. That said, once I looked into the ingredients, I realized I might still benefit from this mask. It contains copper, magnesium, and zinc, all of which can be beneficial for skin of any age. Zinc is a natural astringent and anti-inflammatory, copper has anti-aging properties, and magnesium is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. As someone with rosacea, that sounds pretty good to me.

I took pictures of my skin before and after using the mask, and although you probably won't notice much of a difference in these photos, I'm including them anyway.


And immediately after using the mask:

What's really notable to me is that even though my skin was slightly pinker than before for a few minutes (thanks to having to peel off the mask like it was a second skin), it didn't look nearly as irritated as it often does after using some face masks. This made me think that the anti-inflammatory aspects of the mask actually do help. My face felt a bit tighter than usual but the texture felt smoother and my skin also looked brighter.

I went from thinking of this mask as a fun gimmick to planning to use it again the next time my complexion needs a little boost. Although next time, of course, I'll be careful to keep it well away from my under-eye area.

  • Would you try this face mask?
  • Do you prefer sheet masks or peel-off masks?
  • How's everybody feeling after that gif? Sorry about that, but it hurt me more than it hurt you!